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Hampton, VA area T20 campaign

I'll be there for 2 months, 7 Sep - 18 Nov for a Navy Technoweenie school. Not sure how much free time I'll have, but weekends should be free. I've also a long time friend in the area who may be interested.

Sounds good, I've a friend in the area too who used to RPG with me all the time and may be interested in getting into a game for a while too. (back in the days I RPG'd for FUN!) He'll probably be game for weekends. Rock paper sissors (how the frick do you spell that????) to see who GM's?

Hey there shippies,

I am now in little creek, near virginia beach for several more weeks and might be able to scrounge up some travellin time (maybe).

Lemme know if yer group's still up and runnin,