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Grand Survey/Grand Census


SOC-14 5K
I seem to recall in Grand Survey or Grand Census that there was a formula based on TL how much a planet has been explored.

For me I think it depends upon the region, one can have completely unexplored regions of space side by side. Think of Champax, the Belt was throughly explored but the planet remained unknown because it did not have any resources worth anything.

I would rather have it that there is less settlement to allow for greater diversity of cultures florishing in Imperial Space. After 1100 or so years, a uniformity has sort of crept in, for things like starports, industries but there ought to be entire worlds not yet incorporated into that whole loop.

Taking things to the out and beyond is one way to introduce a sense of wonder. But another way is simply reduce the population. If worlds are merely treated as trading posts the further one travels to the frontier. The more weird things can be expected to be found.

So maybe the the formula for explored versus unexplored could be: Pop Size - TL. Any result of a negative or 0 could be 1%.