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Government Types

I think im going to be sick.

Yeah most of those look about right. They all look pretty authentic and match up to what I know/think.
Well, I'm still working away at designing my own version of a UWP, one compact enough to present only "primary" info on one line, and yet possessing the details I'd really like to see right away that aren't included in the standard UWP.

I've always been dissastified w/the original government lists (like Religious Dictatorship and Religious Autocracy being nearly synonomous; the vague "Fuedal Technocracy", which has spawned many a . . . spirited . . . discussion both here and on the TML.

So, basically, I was doing research on creating a new government list, and wondered if the info I was locating was even vaguely accurate.
The most irritating thing about the original UWP is that the info you want is scrambled with info you don't. It arises solely from the order of generation in LBB3, which was a lame system to begin with (not that we complained back then).

You want Port, Pop, TL, Gov, & Law. Dump the single-hex-digit coding as inadequate to describe any of these figures. Pop is best described as a number (probably 2 digits, may have a decimal point) followed by metric base symbols G, M, or k. Therefore, devise a system where each descriptor is a number followed by a (couple of) letter(s).

The planetology may be ignored as secondary. Generate it later, obviously not using the LBB3 method or any of the existing tables/generators. Some excellent work on general planetology classification is out there, available to be converted into a readable abbreviation.

@@ (that's my two cents
In one way a lot of feudal states are "feudal technocracies" dependant on a technique or technology no one else could master(usually military of course).
The Mesopatamian nobility depended on chariots for instance.
We all know about the "knights in shining armor"
Some say that is why the Tokagawas in Japan destroyed most of the muskets: muskets require little training making them the Great Equalizer. Thus they could assure their power more easily.
Europeans didn't follow the Tokagawas examaple. The nobility weren't the only power base there, Kings were tired of robber barons and made a tacit alliance with the merchants. Besides there were all those Turks down south.