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Good Job


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Whoever did the "artist's impressions" over at traveller5.com did a really good job. They're beautiful.

If someone actually made that 6 LBB set, I'd have to buy 4 copies: 2 as gifts, one to use and one to save. ;)
Yep, I think Ted's cover design is a winner. Captivating graphics, while still retaining the old Red Stripe.
He's working over the chargen rules. And he's figuring out how best to represent hits and wounding.

The foundation of all games is probability... where the dice rolls fall. Tasks are the next layer, forming the role-playing-game aspect. Chargen sits on top of that, detailing who the characters are. Then hits/wounding come next.

Everything else -- equipment, vehicles, worlds -- adds color. And actually I have found this to be true, in that the T5 playtest material can almost be used as a plug-in replacement for other Traveller core rules. In my mind, all it 'lacks' is wounding rules (and it needs them to be playable).
the base mechanic of MT wasn't bad (aside from the actual breakpoinnts and damages)... and worked REALLY well for both scaling AND interactions with bigger things...

(I'd rather it be:
Pen under 1/10 AV=0
Pen under 1/2 AV = x1/10
Pen under 1 AV = 1/2
Pen over 1AV = 1, as it's far easier to remember that way.)

Also, move variety of damage stats would be good... I've found MT process and pen stat and TNE Damage stats a good blend...

And while CG needs to mate well to both tasks, and to damage taking, my big gripe has been that, except for MT, no other systems used an integrated damage system for Characters AND vehicles. T20 is pretty close, but uses scaling breakpoints and armor/damage bonuses by scale.
Yes, I've heard this, too, and I know a few people who think an integrated process is better for the game as a whole.

And I'd tentatively agree.

As far as wounding, armor, pen, damage, and all that, I'm going to start a new thread.