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I'm the ref in a PBEM game. I post the turn on Friday, exchange emails with the players through the week, use those emails to determine the next turn, and then post the next turn on the following Friday.

The game started out with two 16-year old newbs and a 40-something veteran gamer.

After five weeks, two of three players have gone inactive.

Please review the postings at RPG Masters and reply with your suggestions here.

Thank you.

It's the nature of the beast. Most PBEM games are too slow for most people, despite the fact that "They knew what they were getting into when they signed on."

Seems to mee like you gave them a lot of options and threads to follow, perhaps too many.

If you try to start it up again, give 'em a mission, and challenges.

Seems like you've got a great grasp of the setting you've developed, but it was hard for me to see where each character was rigged into the plot, from a pass through read of the threads there to turn 6.

Passive Example: "I'll sit here and wait for something to happen."
Perhaps that was what was happening. I got that feeling...All of this scenery, and potential choices. Making the PCs bystanders.