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GenCon Newbie questions


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(1) Does it cost anything to attend games other than the intital registration fee? If so how much on average?

(2) Does anyone know where I can find a catalogue of 2007 GenCon Indy Games (Dragon used to have one as a supplement, but, as I know live in an area that is Dragonless, I am forced to search their website which constantly says nothing is aviable)

(3) Is the American's Best Inn as bad as some reviewers claim it is. Blood & Drugs in between the sheets.
Yes. Each event registration requires an additional fee. The average fee is about $1.50 per hour (or so). Certain special events or classes will sometimes cost more (particularly some miniature painting events).

The event catalog will be available on the GenCon website around the 1st of May. You'll want to have Excel or OpenOffice.org ready to open the event catalog (so that you can sort and filter to heart's content. I don't know if the catalog will be available in the Dragon magazine.

No earthly idea bout American's Best Inn: I've not heard anything about it one way or another.
YES! Must purchase Now.Must purchase Now!

I'm sorry guys, but I am so Hard Cores for the Gen Con thing. Its wonderfull.
Originally posted by Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen:
I remember when GenCon cost $5 for the weekend and gaming was free! Racine, WI I believe... circa 1979 (I think)
I do not recall it being that cheap but it was less than 25 dollars.

I was stationed near there in '79, several of us carpooled there, we all had a great time.