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Gauss weapons - T20 stats

The gauss pistol is in Traveller's Aide no.1, if that's any help
Thierry Maitrejean writes:
Hi there, do T20 stats for the GURPS Traveller Gauss weapons (Gauss pistol, Gauss SMG) exist somewhere ?
There's a Gauss SMG in GT?!? Where?
GT: Ground Forces in the Standard Issue section. Gurps: Ultratech also has gauss goodness, including an SMG.

In T4 the gauss pistol is described as being more like the real world PDW, a bit bigger than a pistol and normally fired two handed. It can be fired one handed though.
TheBrain: The weapon's ROF indicates how much of the burst fire effects you can get. A gauss SMG most likely would allow higher bursts of fire, enabling the bearer to either improve their damage or their attack roll.

Hope this helps,