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Gateway to Destiny

Im curious if anyone has tried to download the Gateway to Destiny PDF to a Pocket PC. I have Adobe Acrobat for PPC installed, and have downloaded Travellers Aid 7 to the PPC and it works fine. But when I try and download Gateway to Destiny, it hangs up on the first sector map ( pg 72 to Adobe reader) and theres no way aroung tagging it. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this or found a solution. Thanks for any input I receive.

I haven't tried simply because the two column format would be a pain. However I can give it a go in the name of experimentation.

What Pocket PC do you have and what version of the OS?

- Neil.
Have you tried selecting 'no images' in the Preferences in the Adboe Reader for Pocket PC? (Disclaimer - I have Palm OS, not Pocket PC, so it may not be the same). That'll miss the maps I sohuld think.

Thanks for the feedback. I have an Ipaq 2215 and the Windows CE 4.20. Let me know how the experiment goes. Ive never tried changing the settings in Adobe, but ill give it a try. Thanks again.