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Gateway to Destiny vs Lords of Thunder?

Does Gateway to Destiny (QlI) mesh well with Lords of Thunder from MTJ#4?

Are they supposed to be related in any way? I mean did the makers of GtD build on the ideas of the Lords of Thunder campaign or did they just go in a different direction and ignore it?

Thinking it might be cool to combine both products somehow. Still undecided between MT and D20...aack!

When MJD wrote Gateway to Destiny he did examine previous canon sources in detail and made a valiant effort to integrate them all - thus Gateway to Destiny will work with the Lords of Thunder from MTJ-4 without any problems - be advised however that the UWPs in Gateway to Destiny are based on those found in MTJ-4 (plus other sources) though have been 'rolled back' slightly to account for the fact that the GTD campaign book is set over a century earlier than the events outlined in MTJ-4, which is how it should be.