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game stores

trader jim

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i have been going over/thru my copy of jtas 1-12,
question - are there any game shops/stores still
in business who advertised in the jtas after 25 years. (not large companys}. if so that would be a
real accomplishment. may you could "profile" maybe you could post there web site, if any. just a thought - just curious
As far as I know, only one of the SF Bay Area's stores has been around that long, and even they've moved twice. The rest of the early stores (Gambit, Gamemasters, Gametable, Light Brigade) are gone, but Scenario Game and Hobby in Fremont survives.
I believe that The Complete Strategist can still be found in New York City, not far from the Empire State Building.
As of my last visit to town (just a couple of weeks ago), I was vaguely surprised to notice that ABC Hobbycraft in Evansville, Indiana appears to still be in business. This hole-in-the-wall shop was usually included in 'dealers of rpgs' lists going back to the 70s (and probably mentioned in JTAS at least once), but as of last I went in there (5+ years ago) they seemed to be phasing out their rpg & wargame lines and likely no longer offer them at all anymore.