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Fighters needed


My players have just decided to go Cowboy Bebop style for vehicles. This means that they will each get their own personal fighter. Now I’m not very good at righting up vehicles so I’m going to need a little help. Here’s what I need.

They need to be as small as possible. Ten to fifteen tons

Tech level fourteen or thereabouts.

Balanced strengths and weaknesses. Fast but lightly armored. Slow but very powerful. you get the idea.

Unique and interesting. Be creative.

There will be a couple of them in one hanger. So, things like fold in wings would be useful.
Fighters are my specialty.

Check out my web site. Plenty of Fighters for various eras and TL for T20, CT and GURPS.

I can also do custom jobs if you want, and actualy I was thinking of running a Bebop style Bounty Hunter campain a while back. (Bebop is possibly my personal #1 anime series). Been trying my hand at designing the Swordfish II. (Fast, agile, not heavily armoured, got a laser and machine guns.)
Here are a few I just whipped up based on your specifications, they will be added to my website.

Small (15dt) Small Craft

The Thug class fighter is slow and heavy by fighter standards, only 3g. However it is heavily armoured and packs a Fusion gun as its main weapon. True to its name, the Thug sits and dukes it out with other ships while being able to take puches and shrug them off. If your looking for power over speed, this is the ship for you.

Thug Class Light Fighter
Tech Level: 14
Class: Small Craft
Cost: MCr12.976

Size:Small (15dt)
Streamlining:Needle/Wedge SL
Acceleration:3 Agility:3 Initiative:+3
EP Output:2.9 (0.45 extra)
AC:26(Agility +3, AR +12, Small +1)
AR:12 SI:76
Fuel: 1.45dt Duration: 14 days
Crew: 1 Couches: 1
Computer:Model/1 Avionics:600dt
Sensors:Close Comm:Close

1 batteries of USP5 Fusion
(+5, 5d20, 16x5, 4.5Kkm)

Small (10dt) Small Craft

The Bee is basicaly just and acrobatic and stunt spacecraft that has been refitted to a combat role. Armed only with missiles, all of its available power is devoted to its speed and manueverability. It's combat capability is limited as it cannot reload its missile racks, once the missiles are loosened, that’s it. Most owners have added VRF Gauss guns to the craft, useless in space combat due to its range, but good in COACC roles. One VRF Gauss gun can be placed in a Fixed Mount using the remaining 0.25tons (350vl) of space. This craft is quite popular with Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries.

Bee Class Acrobatics Craft - Converted
Tech Level: 13
Class: Small Craft
Cost: MCr8.82

Size: Small (10dt)
Streamlining:Needle/Wedge SL
Acceleration:6 Agility:6 Initiative:+6
EP Output: 1.2 (0.6 extra)
AC:17(Agility +6, Small +1)
AR:0 SI:75
Fuel:0.3 Duration:7 days
Crew: 1 Couches: 1
Computer: Model/1 Avionics: 600dt
Sensors: Close Comm: Close
Cargo: 0.25dt(350vl)
(VRF Gauss gun in fixed mount, 200vl. 10,000 rounds ammo 100vl
Damage with full auto(Rof 100) is 12d12 personal, 7d12 vehicle, 2d12 Ship. Don't knock the VRF Gauss!)

1 batteries of USP3 Missile
(+3, 3d6, 18x1, 90Kkm)

Small (15dt) Small Craft

The Swordfish takes over from the Bee concept. A bit larger, the Swordfish is designed to be a combat capable fighter in both space and atmosphere. It is fast and manueverable and has an airframe chasis for maxiumum use of its speed and agility in atmosphere. It is armed with a single beam laser and 2 missile racks. over 1000vl of space remains for other features such as close range weapons (VRF gauss being popular) or extra seating. Like the Bee class modified acrobatic spaceplane, the Swordfish is also popular with Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries.

Swordfish Class Light Fighter
Tech Level: 13
Class: Small Craft
Cost: MCr12.08

Size: Small (15dt)
Streamlining: Needle/Wedge AF
Acceleration: 6 Agility: 6 Initiative:+6
EP Output: 2.8 (0.9 extra)
AC: 17(Agility +6, Small +1)
AR: 0 SI: 76
Fuel: 1.4 Duration: 14 days
Crew: 1 Couches: 1
Computer: Model/1 Avionics: 600dt
Sensors: Close Comm: Close
Cargo: 1 (1400vl)
(Twin VRF Gauss Fixed Mount 400vl. 100vl for each 10,000 rounds ammo)
Max Atmospheric Speed: 5900kph

1 batteries of USP2 Beam Laser
(+2, 2d8, 20x1, 30Kkm)
2 batteries of USP2 Missile
(+2, 2d6, 18x1, 90Kkm)

Yes this is inspired by the Swordfish II. For the real conversion I would limmit the TL to about 9 make it jet powered (no grav) and use Autocannons. That means using the vehicle as opposed to starship design system.

Nice work Commander X. Here's my own, slightly 'broken' design, for your players to play with, if one should chose it ;) Variety is good right. I say slightly broken because in T20 you have to have both a minimal 4T bridge (I call it a helm) and computer (unlike HG which allowed you to choose either or both). Based on the design rules of half the bridge being the c&c and the other half filled with whatever, I've loosely interpreted it as so for small craft helms too. I've also used a bis* computer (not allowed in HG but apparently OK in T20 unless I missed the note) to compensate for the upgraded streamlining and avoid the agility penalty.

(* hmm, come to look at it again I seem to also have bis model computer cores and avionics as the same size and all as the std model computer core and avionics. It's a house rule so that bis computers are the same size as they used to be in HG, more or less. It also meshes with my house rule of matching the avionics model number to the core model number, for the same reason. Other computers would be optimized, not standardized, imtu and so the ship/craft would not be eligible for the 20% standard design cost reduction)

Gnat class TL13 Interface Fighter

+8.0T Hull - Needle - Fully Streamlined
-0.4T Upgrade - Airframe (folding wings)

-4.0T Helm - std - 2 seats
(1.0T Computer M/1bis - included in helm)
(1.0T Triple Weapon Mount - included in helm)

-1.1T Maneuver - 5G - Agility 5
-1.3T Fusion 13 - 1.3EP
-0.1T Fuel x 2days

-0.8T Armor 4

-0.3T Magazine Autoloader/Bomb Rack

The ship includes fuel scoops and is armed with a light laser (F2 x1 - mining laser) for defense and vehicle combat and double missile launchers (F2 x2 - missile) loaded with 6 missiles total. The magazine carries 6 more missiles which can also be simply dropped as bombs if desired. Alternatively the magazine can be used for cargo, extra fuel or fitted for standard bombs or other small weapons. The Gnat is not suitable for long missions as there are no facilities for the crew beyond what their suit provides. The cost is Mcr10.5712 after discount, not including missiles.