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FFE reprints

Is FFE taking votes on what we'd like to see reprinted next?

My vote would be for one volume with the RDF book and the various weapon and vehicle books.
You mean there actually is an order for which the FFE reprints are coming out? I don't know about Twilight, but, Traveller seemed to be following a logical sequence then WHACK the order got all messed up.

My vote would concur with the Hardware books but I would also like see the America series, including Satellite Down, as I never got a chance to collect any of these when they first came out!

What is Marc doing about getting an up-to-date website, that would give at least approximate dates for new releases? I think gamers are a patient lot, but, only if you keep them regularly updated.
Originally posted by WyldRage:
They will probably keep the order they had announced: http://www.farfuture.net/2000quick.html

The page is out-of-date, but it shows what their volumes will contain.
Way out of date. I had an email from him yesterday that put volume 2 like this:

"Twilight Volume 2 is in flux; I am trying to figure the best mix of contents. It's subject will be Going Home, and so it will concentrate on that set of adventures. My current table of contents is below. But I am considering removing US Army Vehicle Guide and adding another adventure, probably Urban Guerrila.

Adventure Going Home
Background Howling Wilderness
Article Weather (from Challenge 29)
Adventure Armies of the Night
Adventure Kidnapped
Adventure Allegheny Uprising
Adventure US Army Vehicle Guide
Article Pennsylvania Crude (from Challenge 49)
Article Lima Incident (from Challenge 56)
Article A Little Recon Mission (from Challenge 58)
Article A Rock In Troubled Waters (from Challenge 42)

I'll post ordering instructions on the web site soon. It will probably be $32."

So there you have the most recent info possible.

Originally posted by WyldRage:
Alright, but do you know when are the equipment guides going to be published? I'm interested in them the most.
No, I don't. But email Marc at marc@farfuture.net and ask nicely. He'll be glad to tell you what he's currently planning.