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Fairchild Design Contest


SOC-14 5K
Two competing designs have been submitted for this 300-ton fast merchant, and we shall be taking votes upon them once both designs have been built*. The winner shall go into general production for later resale, while the other shall become a fast courier. Private orders for either vessel shall of course happen.

*:Once both designs have been put up here.
Here's the repost of my design from Random Static

Crew: 9 Total, Captain, Pilot, Navigator, Sensor Operator, Commo Operator, 1 Gunners, 1 Engineers, 2 Service/Cargo Handlers.

Minimum Crew: 5 Total, Captain/Pilot, Sensor/ Commo Operator, Engineer, Gunner, Service/Cargo Handler.

Subassemblies: SL Hull +9, Armed Turret +5, 2xEmpty Turret +5.

Powertrain: jump-4 jump drive (300 dton capacity), 15 maneuver.

Fuel: 300 dton capacity jump fuel tank.

Occ: nine staterooms Cargo: 40-dtons hold (5-stons/dton density)
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Armor F RL B T U
Hull 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100
Armed Turret 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100
Empty Turret 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100 4/100

Weaponry Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2D mi Max mi RoF TL
turret laser Crit. Imp. 4dx125(2) 30 33 26,000 78,000 1/60 12
sandcaster Crit. 0d 0 0 0 0 - 12</pre>[/QUOTE]Equipment
Hull: six fuel processors(2.5 hr); utility; basic bridge; 1-dton capacity spacedock. Armed Turret: two turret lasers, 405-MJ; sandcaster.

Size: [LxWxH] 170’x42.6’x21.3’ Payload: 202 tons Lwt.: 480 tons
Volume: 300 dtons Maint.: 2.13 hours (45.1 mh/day) Price: MCr88.3

HT: 12 HP: 30,000 [Hull], 1,200 [Armed Turret], 1,200 each [2xEmpty Turret].

sAccel: 3.1 Gs/5.4 Gs empty Jump: 4 aSpeed: 2,240 mph

Design Notes:
TL12 medium frame standard materials [Vehicle].
TL12 DR 100 expensive metal [Vehicle].
Vehicle Features: computerized controls, very good streamlining.
Air Features: lifting body.
Hull: heavy compartmentalization, sealed.
Armed Turret: fixed rotation.
Empty Turret: full rotation.
Volume: 300 dtons [Hull], 3 dtons [Armed Turret], 3 dtons [2xEmpty Turret].
Area: 20,000 sf [Hull], 800 sf [Armed Turret], 800 sf [2xEmpty Turret].
Empty Space: 0.5 dtons [Hull], 3 dtons [2xEmpty Turret].
Excellent. The building of the Fairchild Test A shall now begin!

*Hands George the pouch containing the Architect's Fee.* ;)

Design proposal for custom starship - Fairchild class - prepared for the 41st Independent Squadron by Jouneyman Design Bureau

To provide the fastest and farthest possible delivery of limited priority cargo and a few high passengers this ship is built to the highest technological standards and includes an optimized Model/6 fib computer core with a model/2 avionics and sensors package and a model/4 maser/radio communications array.

The hull is a 300ton streamlined wedge capable of J4 and 4G in its full configuration. However it is fitted with 2 standard 50ton drop tanks and when trimmed it can attain J6 and 6G in its lighter 200ton airframe configuration. Note that use of the drop tanks in this fashion is at the operators risk and not legal for commercial shipping. It is acceptable for private and charter transport with the proper contracts, which our legal department will be happy to help you with. All Imperial commercial shipping is limited to retained tankage for safety reasons. In the 200ton configuration internal fuel limits the range to J1 without the drop tanks. Optionally, dismountable or collapsible fuel tanks could be fitted in the modular bay for even more range.

The optimal crew of a Pilot, Astrogator, 2 Engineers, Medic and Steward allows for up to 4 single or 8 double High Passages, with the entire crew doubled up. Accommodations total 7 standard staterooms and amenities.

The design includes a single dorsal hardpoint usually outfitted as a fixed stern chaser mount (see note below). This somewhat unusual feature is due to the ship's limited power and volume and it can be fitted with either 1 or 2 missile launchers or sandcasters as desired. Weapons are not included and must be purchased through normal channels.

The ship also has a specially designed modular bay of 50tons that may be outfitted as a small weapons bay if desired, allowing the ship to perform in an escort or other paramilitary role. This feature is fast becoming a trademark of the Custom Craft division of Journeyman Design Bureau. On this model the weapon installation is restricted to a missile bay due to the limited available power.

While the ship does incorporate standard fuel skimming equipment there are no purifiers included, again due to the tight design parameters. To address this possible issue fittings for a JDB containerized standard fuel purifier module are included in the modular bay. Available separately at a cost of KCr90.0 the purifier occupies 4tons and will process 40tons of raw fuel per hour. It may be quickly unhooked and removed when not needed to reclaim the cargo volume.

The preliminary design as outlined will cost approximately MCr212.92 while future production versions will come in at around MCr170.336 not including your bill for the design fees of MCr3.1938 payable upon receipt of this plans package. Our legal department will be happy to accommodate your application for a standard mortgage and deduct the design fees from the down payment.

Daniel J. Burns, CNA

Journeyman Design Bureau


After discussing concerns with the representitives of the 41st Independent Squadron a custom module for the bay was designed to address the current needs of the customer.

This module limits the cargo capacity to 40tons but adds support for a full turret install of 1ton on the original dorsal hardpoint and adds room for two ventral turrets of 1ton each supported by the modular bay's own hardpoint rating.

In addition, extra accomodations totalling 4tons have been installed to accomodate two gunners for the extra armed capability.

A dedicated 3ton fuel purifier rated for 40tons per hour is also fitted.

The cost of this custom module is MCr0.576 without weapons or turrets and we are happy to offer this upgrade with no design fees attached.


Fairchild class Fast Merchant - TL 15

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"> +300.0dT Hull - Wdg - FS 36.000
-10.0dT AF upgrd (200dT only) 2.400

-20.0dT Bridge - std 1.500
-6.0dT Comp m/6 fib -5.0EP 66.000
Avio m/2
Sens m/2
Coms m/4 mas

-15.0dT Jump Drive 4P -12.0EP 60.000
-20.0dT Internal Fuel
-100.0dT Drop Tanks x2 0.120
-34.0dT Maneuver 4G -12.0EP 17.000
Agility +0
-8.5dT Fusion 15 +17.0EP 25.500
-8.5dT Fuel x4wks
Fuel Scoops 0.300

-28.0dT Staterooms x7 3.500

-50.0dT Modular Bay x1 0.500
Hardpoints x1 0.100



Fixed weapon mounts:

The following is a mtu rules addition proposed for T20, that may be featured in a forthcoming TA I helped with behind the scenes. Consider this a free preview. It may also change in final editing, though it should be close.

One fixed hardpoint is allowed per 100 tons subject also to a maximum number of fixed hardpoints of one per computer model number.

One or two lasers, sand or missile launchers, or one fusion or plasma gun, may be mounted per fixed hardpoint.

Weapons installed on fixed hardpoints require no volume and are fired by the Pilot as a free action by aiming the whole ship much like a
spinal mount. This incurs a -2 penalty to hit.

Fixed forward fire weapons cannot be fired while attempting to flee or break off. Some fixed weapons are mounted to fire aft and are commonly called stern chasers and may only be used while fleeing.

Fixed mounts may not mix weapons in a single mount.

The pilot may fire any or all batteries as desired in the same free action as a single attack roll.

Fixed mounts do not attract a turret cost, but do have the standard hardpoint cost of Cr100,000.


Modular Bay:

This is an adaptation of the T20 option rule allowing small (50ton) weapon bays on ships under 1,000tons by sacrificing half the normal hardpoint allowance (pg271,ed.1).

The bay itself costs the standard MCr0.5 while empty modules cost KCr1.0 per ton and allow quick changes of this custom space. Without a module the bay is suitable for 50tons of cargo or a 50ton bay weapon module.


There you go, subject to editing of course. Any feedback or discussion encouraged and appreciated.

Anyone else want to get in on the competition? I'm sure you'd be most welcomed.
*Clasps hands together.* EEEEExcellent! *Hands far-trader his architects fee and goes off to supervise the building of the starships.*

[After a while...] Upon review, we have decided that all three versions are of interest, however for different functions, and shall each undergo (limited) production.

The model produced by D'BRE shall be known as the Fairchild-A Merchant and put into service as a general fast merchant, and shall be the most common, though the 41st Inependent Squadron intends to make use of this version for "surprise package delivery."

The original design put forth by the Journeyman Design Bureau shall be known as the Fairchild B-1, and put into service with the 41st Independent Squadron, the Imperial Navy and certain other groups as a fast armed courier - the rear-facing missile bay seems to encourage crews to run from combat; as such, it will be the rarest.

The second design by the JDB will be known as the Fairchild B-2, and put into service as an alternate version of the fast merchant; it shall be the second most common, primarily being sold to corporate interests.

OOC: Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I did! Take these designs and do what you like, just don't blow 'em up...