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Errata Update (30 April 02)


Ancient - Absent Friend
I've just posted pretty much the last of the errata from the THB. The errata in this update is what will be in the next print run.

Rather than try to detail all of the minor changes to the Standard Designs samples from the book I just updated the raw text from the manuscript and uploaded it as a seperate file.

Main Errata

Standard Designs

These files are of course available from the eLibrary at any time.

Errata in the errata!

You're a year out, Hunter ;)

Any idea roughly when the 2nd printing will be out and available in my FLGS?

And actually, any idea when the Gateway Domain sourcebook will be available, too?


Hi Hunter,

I have a similar question... In my case, I would like to start up a T20 campaign late summer or early fall this year, any idea if the 2nd printing will be in circulation by then? I'm up in Canada so I figure it would take some time--but it would be nice to get a confident estimate.

Yas, bearing the patience of Grandfather :D