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En-Suite Fresher?


In the T20 Ship Design section a 'fresher' is listed as a seperate component. My assumption is that this is the general use corridor type.
What is everyones feeling on freshers in staterooms. Are they included or not? My current deckplans use the following:
1) Passenger staterooms all have a double bed and fresher.
2) Officer statrooms have a bed and fresher. Usually I only give the captain a double bed.
3) Small crew cabins do not have a fresher. They use the one in the hallway. :(
Ditto. Freshers listed are extra ones for larger ships where its often a bit far to run back to your cabin :D
Unless of course you are going for the real luxury class where delux cabins have baths and such like.
How about a small cabin? I take that as being about 1.5T or 3 squares. Just enough room for a bunk bed.
I use 0.1-0.25Td per SR towards common freshers in my deckplans.

Always have. Assumed the space of a SR was allocated out to several components. LSR: Room 2Td, Halls/Commons, 1.5Td, Fresher 0.25Td, MscEq 0.25 Td...