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Early Era Capaigns


I have recently started a T20 campaign set in the era of the Interstellar Wars. All characters are, for ease, members of the Terran Confederation. I felt it was better to have the Vilani, (Ziru Sirka), portrayed as grim evil enemy of immense age and depth.

The player group is about to head into the widely dispersed area controlled by the Confederation in order to protect the trade routes of one character's (the Noble of the group), family trade routes.

rather than set anything down in stone, I have opted to create several adventure paths, and let the players sort out the direction of the campaign. I would like some input from you all here. I intend on breaking with the canon in terms of alien races, but keep the canon in terms of the Ziru Sirka. WHat sort of adventure hooks should I throw into this groups path? All input would be welcome, particlarely anything dealing with the social fabric of the early Terran Confederation.

A certain amount of tension between Terra and some of the more important colonies (e.g., Dingir) is an important (and unavoidable) political reality. Colonies closer in (Barnard, Prometheus) will tend to be in tight with Earth.

There will be a certain amount of infighting (which can be exploited by PCs and the Vilani alike) between political rivals within the Terran Confederation, even as they are all committed to fighting against the Ziru Sirka.
I'm setting my campaign in a similar time frame, just after the end of the wars and the beginning of the dispersment of military officers to govern worlds.

Major plots:

1) Terrorism by Vilani and others.
2) Successionist worlds: Old solomani aristocracy angered over military take overs.
3) Corporate maneuvering to gain territories
4) An invasion by a "mysterious" alien race that has been watching earth humans for centuries...

Changing cannon as necessary to create interesting stories. The campaign will feature more "bio-tech" than cannon traveller features.

I'd definitely introduce the Vegans, and work on the intrigue involved in the relations between the Vegans, the Vilani and the Terrans.

For more info, check out:

The timeline can be stopped at the appropriate point, and modified as desired. The attitudes of the race are well outlined, and should make for interesting encounters.

If you've got access to GT: Rim Of Fire, there's a different approach to the Vegans that also might be of interest, should you decide to consider their presence in your campaign.

Other sources I'd suggest: Check out the CT adventures and double adventures (both available in Reprints), and look for those that you can modify to fit the setting. Also, there's a number of Interstellar War-era adventures on SJGames' JTAS e-zine. (Look in the archives.) Finally, the JTAS Reprints have some good Amber Zones and what-not that might provide some direction and ideas.

Hope this helps,