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DP9 Core Command RPG mailing list



Excuse the off-topicness of this, but it may appeal to Traveller fans...

If anyone's interested in talking about Dream Pod 9's 'Core Command' RPG - an epic setting of "big guns, huge starships, daring adventures, and even bigger guns!", then feel free to sign up on the new Yahoo Group I've made for it at:


Not much is known about it yet - DP9 have kept their cards very close to their chest on this one. All that's known is that it's got hyperscience weaponry, a threat that could destroy all of spacetime, and kilometre-long spaceships. As far as I can tell, it's Space Opera in the veins of Battlestar Galactica, but with more tech

More info is at:

Anyway, it might appeal to Traveller fans looking for something a bit different (it's not that there are many space opera settings out there that aren't Star Wars
). And for any d20 nuts out there, the Silhouette Core Rulebook that's coming out at the same time will have conversions to OGL in it (The Core Command Settings Book is just that - setting info. So if background's all you want then you can just pick that up).

So check it out and join the speculation as we count down the days to the May 8th release!

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