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Downloadable Sheets


Any news on when PDFs of the sheets in the back of the T20 book might be available?

Simon Jester
Thanks! Now, does anyone know of a drawing program that can manipulate PDFs? I'd love to be able to fill in the map forms on computer.
Just cut and paste the form and map out as a bmp and import it inot a drawing program like paint shop pro or the easy and simple paint program ofn any windoze machine...

And it's in color and pirnts up pretty...

If you were VERY ambitious or know someone...Tanuki? They could make up a BLANK template for you in CC2 and you could fill it in THAT way...

The Man Behind the Curtain
What about a vehicle and starship build forms? Do those exist? I know I did a quick search last night across all the Traveller sites I could find (in the time I had) and came up with nothing.
Is anyone else getting "fuzzy" forms? I printed the character sheet in T20-Lite, and I cannot read any of the small print. This is a PDF file and I'm using a Postscript printer, so (under normal circumstances) I tend to suspect the original file or the process that converted it to PDF...