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Definitive star to star distances

Although the maps provided with 2300 AD offer a means to make a general estimate of distance between two stars on the arms, is there a published list of distances between stars (2300 map distance or real world distance)? For instance, is there a list that tells the distance between Augereau and Queen Alice's Star on the French Arm? I know this data is available when generating routes in Warp 98 (a software program), but extracting the data from there means browsing to pair up stars along a route and recording the distance. Has anyone already done this work?
It's actually quite simple:

find the x, y and z coords for each system in the NSL.

Xa, Ya, Za are X, Y, and Z for System A
Xb, Yb, and Zb are for system B.

D = (( (Xa-Xb)^2) + ((Ya - Yb)^2) + ((Za - Zb)^2))^0.5

Or, in other words, find the difference from each axis, square it (which also gets rid of the sign), total these, then square root the total. can be done on your basic wallet calculator, as most now have a memory and a square root key.