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d20 Future posted to WotC catalog


SOC-14 1K

No real details yet and it's based on d20 Modern so the classes etc. may not be as useful as a straight T20 book but I'll at least take a look when it comes out. Still for $34.95 it'd better have a lot that T20 either doesn't cover or can be adapted and used. I'm already rapidly approaching feat, class, PrC, skill, etc. saturation.

"Also included is extensive discussion of different types of futuristic science, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, xenobiology, and even a section on mutations. As this title ties directly to the d20 Modern rules system, it includes new psionic magic rules which influence everything from psionic power to item creation."

There might be something there depending on what extensive discussion* actually means, 'tho I'm thinking the psionic rules aren't going to change any from d20 Modern, just be expanded.


* if I want stuff that isn't dependant on rules I'll use Transhuman Space, Gurps Biotech, or real world scientific books and articles on those subjects