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d20 Gamma World free at the mo; radiation & more


SOC-14 1K
Not a very good game adapation but it is currently free on DRM PDF at:

Has rules for radition, mutations, nanotechnology, cybernetics, communities. And it has Arks, Hoppers, and Seps. No mutant plants though.

Based somewhat on d20 Modern so I think the Psionics are the same. It's been reviewed on enworld.org, rpg.net, and other sites with generally mixed to poor reviews. Personally for Gamma World d20 I'd use the d20 mini-game (as in small not as in miniature figures) Omega World in Dungeon / Polyhedron.

But at the moment (this week?) it's free. Worth a look esp. for those who use T20 but don't run a straight canon OTU setting.

From what I've heard about this, you're better off getting this while it's free. I'm going to download it to see if it really is as bad as I've heard.

Later... Didn't look too inspiring on a flickthrough. Not the Gamma World I remembered anyway. BTW, it's 18.7 MB, so be prepared for the download!