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D20 Future cybernetics and bio-droids in Traveller?


First of all: I only have the 2nd edition/printing of the T20 Traveller's Handbook; I don't have any of the PDFs and don't know how they differ / have been updated. Plus I don't know of additional rule supplements that exist for T20.

That said, I find the cybernetics section of T20 rather succinct. I am thinking of using the cybernetics rules of D20 Future, along with the bio-droid "race". Anyone done that already? Any comment on doing this (maybe it wouldn't mesh well with T20 rules) ?
There where some articels on Cybernetics back in the Travellers Digest magazin/Classic Traveller. Basically the 3I has little use for the stuff partially due to the common dislike of robotics, but mostly due to rather advanced medical and genetic capabilities like Regeneration treatments. (Cloning and Sex-Changed clones are well inside 3I capabilities and accepted, see True Son/Daughter, i.e the daughter of Duke Norris)

So there is little to no need for basic prostetics and without the basic stuff there is no base for advanced cybernetics.