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  • No, it is boring. Cease wasting our time.

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I am curious how many in the larger board read or occasionally follow: General Traveller Discussions » Adventurers » Re: Interactive Story - LARP/MMORG for the whole CofI to join in, if you like or dare ( web page )...I know the survey is somewhat vain and self-serving but I am always looking for improvement. Please share how you would like see it improved.
I neither Read then nor object to them... no such option was in the survey.
How about a neutral option for # 1? I chose room for improvement because there is always room for improvement rather than say it is boreing. Besides, what bores me or doesn't grab my attention may be of much interest to someone else.
I used to play it, but while it was good it lacked the personal touch, which was the main reason I stopped (aside from a distressing lack of my own creativity: I couldn't come up with anything else to say!).