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CoTI at major Cons

It occured to me this morning. we need a patch, or secret handshake, or a rally point, or some such way for us to find each other at shows. I was thinking this while I was burning my way back thru Wisconson midnight fog (actual fog, not just my brain). So any ideas? a Flag or a rally point that people can check to see whos here or there.
If QLI has a booth at the Con, that'd make a natural choice at which to gather. Otherwise, we probably need to coordinate beforehand, so that we don't go around shaking every single hand in the place trying to find the guys with our COTI Secret Decoder Rings or what not... ;)

Not a bad idea, though,

BTW, where and when do we COTI officianados want to meet for GenCon Indy 2004?
We can all wear Imperial like uniforms.
Nope, GW fanatics do that one.

We can all wear Blue T-Shirts.
Nope, WizKids use that one.

We can all run around naked.
(retching sounds) NO, NO and NO.

We can have a central point that we can post at. Like a flag that says CotI.
Uh, I think the Capt. already suggested that one.

Darn it. I just can't win.

I vote for the Capt's idea of a pennet flying at a set place/bulletin board/game table.

I would have like to met some of you at Origins but at last' I was on vacation having a good time.

Well, QLI does have those Traveller baseball caps for sale (though I'm not a baseball cap fellow). Wearing all the same shirt seems a little... ummm... less than desirable to me.

Of course, I say that, and I've idly thought about looking into a "Bray Keaven" embroidered polo shirt. ;)

I think that just picking a place (and time) to meet would be the best thing. If QLI does go, meeting at their booth would probably be the best route, but, I don't know if they're going or not. I did see that the GenCon folks are supposed to post a list of exhibitors on Friday though, so I suppose we'll get an answer at that time.

If QLI doesn't go, I'll be at the ENnies booth part time. I might have a pickup games roster for my planned T20/Gateway pickup game there.
Well, I also have a plan. (Never leave the house with out one)
I'll almost always be at the Steve Jackson Booth, Pushing baby chicks at the Dork Storm comics.... I mean selling Fine Books to eager minds. And as I usually have one end of our booth, I'll fly the rally Flag (as I now have an Imperial Banner in mind [insert evil laugh here])
And as I am the resident Traveller Fanboy in our little family (yes Even Gurps, But It's not a Love) I will volunteer to host the rally point.
Hey Capt, who are when you are at SJ booth.

When I come by next time I will yell Hey Capt and see who responds.

Dave Chase
Originally posted by Ron Vutpakdi:
Of course, I say that, and I've idly thought about looking into a "Bray Keaven" embroidered polo shirt. ;)
Mark (Ian) and I were talking about that just the other day. Have you seen CafePress.com? They are the ones who do the Traveller hats and shirts for this website. Basically, you provide them with the artwork, tell them what products you want it on, and they do the rest. They also handle the ordering and shipping.
Hehe, let's take the Bray Keaven shirt discussion over to the PBEM page.

For those are confused by the digression, the Bray Keaven is the name of the far trader in our PBEM game, "Tales of the Bray Keaven."

Most excellent thread, oh noble compadres... just one thing...

Errr... Capt? How will I recognize you at the Oz-con in Brisbane, Australia????

(Somehow I feel somewhat isolated here.....) :(

[holds back a sniffle, and quietly retreats back into bottle of Vodka...]