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conversion of fictional paperback book charectors/worlds to use in traveller

i collect/read sci-fi. i have many, many "digest size mags" was wondering if there are any "formal", "canon", written articals out there as how to "convert" charectors and worlds to use in traveller? is there a "truly
correct" way to do this?
Both CT supplement 1 (1001 Characters) and Supplement 4 (Citizens of the Imperium) have stats for fictional sf characters in the back, and it looks like the method they used was 'assign numbers that feel about right.' In one book it looks like an attempt was made to make characters possible under the rules, in the other there wasn't (but I can't remember which is which). I'd love to have seen Trav-stats for more fictional sf characters (Honor Harrington, Paul Atreides, Friday, etc.) but I suppose with trademark and licensing and such it wouldn't be possible nowadays, at least not 'officially.'
There was also a list of three fictional characters in, IIRC, Challenge magazine of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Decker (Bladerunner) and Han Solo

The problem with conversions is the arms race that comes with people converting their favourite characters (yeah, well if Han Solo has a 13 Dex (according to that article, he did) then Data must have a 20)

Maybe we could make the definitive fictional character Traveller conversion system here!

Start with 7's

Are they tall? +1
Are they huge? +2
Are they noticeably muscular? +1
Are they massive? +2
Do they do any heroic lifting? +1
Do they life a substantial weight with one hand? +2
Are they fit looking? +1
Are they ubermensch fit looking? +2
Appropriate minuses for scrawny, unfit, weasel types