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We now have a deckplan challenge. Please refer to the 'Deckplan Challenge - Contest' thread stickied to the top of this forum for the rules and post any replies there.

Good Luck everyone!

Only 12 days to go on the Design challenge! Put in your designs, one and all! Don't forget, stats are as good as deck plans....be imaginative! Make a vehicle that noone has ever thought of before....it could be a battle cruiser, it could be a pair of far future roller-skates (and if you don't believe me look at the plan below!)

Don't be shy...give it a try! The community will benefit.

Go for it!


If you mean house rules relating to designs, I'm not sure it matters since the designs will be put up for community vote and it will be up to the people voting to decide (on whatever criteria they wish, including the validity of house rules) which designs they would like to win.

I'd say that an entry should at least be a valid Traveller design.

Yes, atpollard, I'm looking at you. It's not that I don't like your entry, quite the opposite, I like it a lot, but we do need to decide if it's legal.
I think the problem with that is that the definition of 'what a traveller design' is, is very woolly, which is why I ducked the issue entirely and left it to the voters to decide!

Still, what depresses me a little bit is that for all the imagination, and response about Traveller issues discussed here, so few people have taken a punt and posted on the competition. I guess (me included) we're more of a type that cheer from the sidelines than do anything.

Don't get too down yet ravs, there's still days to go for the procrastinators in the crowd ;)

Let's see I've got... two owed and in progress for folks on the boards (ya know who you are, and there is work being done, albeit too slowly for anyone's liking), a few pet projects of my own, and another I want done soonest that is getting the bulk of my spare time, and still I hold out hope of throwing together something for this little contest out of the many ideas in the pile. And then of course there's that shiny new CT CDR that keeps distra...