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Contact: Prt'


SOC-14 1K
The Prt': A Minor Race for T20

Background: Intelligent minor race native to Prt'aow (Kurfane/Spica 2340), the Prt' were genetically uplifted from once-domesticated carnivore/pouncers by a non-extinct race they call the Hasst'kor ("those who came before"). Prt' bear a superficial resemblance to the Felidae species (cats) of Terra (Sol/Solomani Rim 1827), causing more than one observer to characterize them as "overgrown tomcats".

About -2400 Imperial, a Hiver expedition discovered the planet. Contacting a few reckless clans, they decided to uplift the Prt' to a civilized level. Soon, the Prt' were accompanying the Hivers on scouting expeditions through the stars. To this day, despite somewhat violent ways, the Prt' remain very active on both Hiver exploration services. Prt' that travel coreward into Imperial space are most often Imperial Scouts.

Personality: Although Prt' society is dominated by a clan system similar to, but not as restrictive as, Aslan clan hierarchy, as individuals, they tend to be curious, proud and fiercely independent. Their intense curiosity has endured them to the Hivers, who share a similar drive.

Status: Minor Race

Homeworld: Prt'aow C966506-A

Languages: Prt' speak their own native language, but use the Hiver written language due to the Hivers' intervention and integration efforts. Most Imperial Prt' also speak Galanglic.

Physical Description: Physically, Prt' average about 1 m in height and 25 to 30 kg in weight. They are bipedal, but can move on all fours at greater speed. They are covered with short fur, ranging in coloration from a light tawny to deep black, marked by stripes or patches of different shades of hair color. The main difference between the Prt' and their wild forebears are a greater overall body size, an enlarged cranium, and the development of the forepaw into a stubby-fingered hand, allowing the manufacture and use of tools. The greatest overall difference is, of course, their sapience. Despite their overall physical agility, the Prt's possess a very limited manual dexterity, due to their stubby-fingered hands.

Adventurers: Prt' curiosity and independence drive many of their kind to pursue paths of exploration, thus marking the Prt' as ideal Traveller characters.


* -2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution.
* Prt' base speed is 12 meters. On all fours, Prt' have a base speed of 18 meters.
* Small size.
* An unarmed Prt' may make two claw attacks (1d3 + STR Modifier in damage each) as a full round action, or a single claw attack (1d3 + STR modifier in damage) as a standard action.
* Prt' physical agility grants them a +4 racial bonus to the following skills, as they do not involve the use of manual dexterity: Balance, Driving, Escape Artist, Ride and Tumbling.

Automatic Languages: Prt' and Galanglic (Imperial), Prt' and Gurvin (Hiver Federation).

Note: The Prt' were originally introduced in Contact: The Prt', an article that appeared in Challenge Magazine #26.