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Contact! D'r'k'kla

[[<MOST SECRET> INI/Terran Command: Report from intecept of Solomani Confederation Naval Intelligence(SCNI), 145-1114 <MOST SECRET>]]

Located well to Trailing of the Hinterworlds Sector, the D'r'k'kla are a long-lived, slow-breeding(thankfully), highly xenophobic species. Little is known of this apparently-starfaring species other than the fact that the K'kree seem to be repositioning fleet elements to counter them.

According to data intercepted from the K'kree, the D'r'k'kla apparently descend from sophontological mollusks. Standing roughly two meters in height, adults exhibit a "tri-lateral" symmetry, having three legs, arms and eyes.

The carapace is made of a hard, chitinous material apparently composed of either silica or calcite compounds. The three arms, spaced radially about the carapace, supposedly have the ability to distend/extend to up to +30% of their at-rest-length, and end in six (6) razor-sharp, claw-like talons for grasping.

The head is approximately .33 meters in diamater, and shaped somewhat like a Terran turnip. Spaced radially about the head are three eyes, somewhat recessed or possibly surrounded by a bony ridge. Details on optical accuity are unavailable as of this writing.

The head is covered by a mass of brownish-colored hair-stubble that appears to function in a manner similar to aural cochlea-hairs. Although precise details are unavailable, this indicates that D'r'k'kla hearing may extend into ranges presently unkonwn.((Note to Tech-Sec't: Sonic weapons may prove highly effective, but should not be relied upon.))

Atop the head is a cluster of polyp-like antennae that appear to function as olfactory sensors; this cluster surrounds a bony, mouth-like structure. As a result, the brain-mass would seem to be located somewhere within the carapace.

The D'r'k'kla are apparently omnivorous.

Details on the D'r'k'kla reprodusctive process are unknown, but D'r'k'kla are purported to live at least 400 Terran-standard years.

Although there appears to be a cloaca-like opening between the tripod-arranged legs, details on the digestive tract are unknown. Similarly, details on the cardio-vascular and pulminary systems are unknown.

Internal Politics: Due to the nature of the raw-data intel, D'r'k'kla political structures are unknown.

K'kree Reactions: The 2000 Worlds' reaction to the D'r'k'kla appears to be more than the usual xenophobia towards "G'Naak"-type races. SolSec agents report that their contacts within the Hiver/Ithklur region are characterizing the K'kree fleet repositioning as "very significant" and "...rather disturbing, given the Great Herd's continued hostility to all states to Spinward..."

Reports currently unconfirmed by SolSec(operations in progress) indicate that the D'r'k'kla seem to utilize some sort of "bio-mechanical" system to hook living sophonts into computer systems to act as multi-function control nodes and/or processors.

SCNI Recommendations:

1. Increase deployment of SCNI assets into the region in question.

2. Increase support for SolSec agents in-region.

3. Update long-range first-strike naval options.


INI/Terran Command Recommendations:

1. Until evidence to the contrary is presented, the D'r'k'kla should be considered potentially hostile to the Imperium.

2. Coordinate with IISS to deploy deniable collection assets to investigate D'r'k'kla, and assess possible threat levels.

3. Increase deployment of assets to monitor SolSec/SCNI operations in-region.

4. Coordinate with Domain Naval Operations Planning to update rapid-deployument plans for region, including possible support of SC naval units.
1. Any indication of technology level espically of weapons and starship construction capability.
2. Is there any evidence of Hive Federation involvement at this time?
The way I wrote it originally, the D'r'k'kla are at approximately CT TL A-B/GURPS TL9+. They do have Jump, but it is currently limited to J3. Where they got it is a mystery, but SolSec believes it's likely either from the wreck of a Long Night-era era ship, or even a Ziru Sirka misjump.

The D'r'k'kla fleet is large enough and dangerous enough, that the K'kree really are trying to quietly shift major fleet elements to that frontier.

The Hivers are not directly involved, but are sincerely worried, as it seems that the K'kree let them know about it indirectly -- causing the Hivers to indirectly let SolSec in on the info...