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while i may be wrong, but was scanning my copy of T20, while looking at making some cute little cybernetic robots to add to the fun of a world in rebellion, and when i got to the programs area, i noticed a small little problem.
as i have stated before in other posts, i love designing ships, but i just noticed that according to the book a E9 computer has a PP of 23, yet the basic PP usage for a jump-6 program is 52, so does this mean if you have a ship with a jump-6 engines you have to have multipule puters????? your advise would be greatfully accepted.
Dracos :confused:
Jump isn't a skill program.

So the limit is total PP rather then maximum skill PP.

A model 6 computer (according to the errata) has 57/13 PP spare computing power, enough to run a jump 6 program (assuming that you strip down the running programs at the time).

Does that help?
SORrryyyyy everyone, i didnt flip the page and read it, so didnt notice the fact its for skill based programs, not all the other programs...lol
hehehe no worries computers are always a challenge in CT and MT... I run a game with three computer programmers who are always upset at the limitations of in game computers, but of course, I love to overplay their lag and latency issues just to poke my players in the chest a bit ehehhe
Because lives depend on reliability of starship computers and much of the OTU starship model was designed by Vilani, their "on-the-fly" programmability will be minimal. Because they operate in the rigors of space and include the workstations, they tend to be large.

If your programmer buddies want to play the programmer's game, get them to buy hand-computers. That's what those are FOR. The ship's comp is far more powerful than the numbers in CT would indicate, but it sacrifices flexibility for reliability for (IMTU) 99.9% of that power. The 0.1% left over can be used as "play space", and is still far more computing power than anything on a desk today. Anyone who decides to hack beyond that 0.1% while something big is running on the rest deserves the airlock.
hehhe well put... don't worry, in all honesty i have ways to keep their minds off of the computer subject ehhehe nothing like having a Zhodani assassin stalking the party hehe tping around while ppl sleep hehehe