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Colony design...

I'm considering starting a compaign taking place in a small mining colony. Actually, with the players being members of the local police/sheriff department, what I've in mind is some kind of Outland.

Here are some details about the colony.

It's GURPS TL9 (I think its Classic TL9 too). The actual production site is a station, orbiting a gas giant and extracting something from its athmosphere (think off-shore oil production platform). The project was set up by a joint venture of three partners: a spacetech corp, a various-hi-tech-stuff corp and the homeworld gov. The main colony is located on one of the moon of that gas giant. Pressure is earthlike, but air is unbreathable and besides tempartures are cryo, gravity is moonlike. Designed as the support base of the above mostly automated station, it grow bigger than foreseen because of problems with the automatisation, requiering unforeseen quantities of personnel to be used. It currently consist of a dome cluster, with habs, admin, service, commercial and leisure facilities surrounded by a big industrial park.

Population is about 50 000 people. Besides, there are two other facilities on that moon. A military base (tankers bringing the precious gas back home have been attacked by ennemy sponsored pirates) with some 3-4000 men, both naval and ground forces. And the spaceport of the colony, separated by some dozen miles of the colony itslef, with some 4000 men too.

Other instalation of the system include the 'high' part of the military base, with some 1 000 men, including a modest 'mostly repair' shipyard. And a few small stations, scientific or private counting less than a dozen people.

The colony system is located quite far away from its home system (actually far away from anything civilized) and somewhat out of the main lanes, meaning no-one just pass trough it. You come to it with a purpose, you don't just end there.

Obiously in order to play what I've in mind (an Outland type police campaign for those not following), I need to detail the colony quite in detail.

I think of a 25-30 domes cluster. Each with 1 500 to 2 000 people. But I'm not settled on anything beyond that. What would those dome looks like? What would their architecture be. Please not another circular patch of NY or LA with a glass bubble on it. I mean, those are the buildings, not just a canopy above the actual building. But on the other hand I want them somewhat hollow. To create some open space in them... Does anyone have plan or even sketches of such domes? Or does anyone feels like making some? I'm looking for some kind of realistic design (well as far as sci-fi and realism have something to do together).

How would the population be organised? What would its age pyramid looks like (the colony is some 40 years old)? How would the public services (admin, firefighting, damage control, public health, police...) be organized? What transport system would be used? How would homes look like? How would garbage be disposed, does everybody put a bag in front of its door every tuesday (not that cool in a enclosed dome IMHO)?

Any input is welcome.

If you are really intersted in doing a colony setup, I strongly recommend getting the World Builders Handbook. It has rules for creating and running such a colony.

As for Pictures, do a google image search on Geodesic Dome. Otherwise this may be a good place to start.
Just to clarify, that's actually the World Tamer's Handbook (that is the book that you mean though - that's the one with the colony design rules)

The World Builders Handbook is what DGP put out for MT that expanded planetary system and UWP generation. IIRC that doesn't have any colony design rules in it.
Also, get your hands on THE MILLENNIAL PROJECT by Savage (you can get a cheap used copy easily enough through Amazon.com!). It has a lot of material worth reading and the man seems rather well informed. He has a section on moon bases set in the craters of Luna...