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Chapter 13 Standard Computer Designs pp. 281 to 283 and the Computer Design Sequence


SOC-14 1K
Were all of the computers on pp. 281 to 283 designed using the Computer Design Sequence (CDS) in Chapter 12 on pp. 223 to 233?

Using the CDS on 5 of 7 computer types on pp. 281 to 282 of the THB I find that the design sequence stops at assigning the Type and Model Table on p. 224. The CDS also duplicates both the harwired Autopilot and Targeting computers on pp. 282 and 283. Unfortunately, the CDS does not match the Model/M1 Robot Brain's statistics. I have referenced this difference as another T20 Q&A topic at this post and as Errata:

Computer Design: Miniaturization Rule and Robot Brain p. 283

Chapter 13: Standard Designs; Model/M1 Robot Brain p. 283 Erratum