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Change of address


SOC-14 1K
Just a note to let you all know this intergalactic man of mystery is changing his area of operation from the Spinward Marches to the Gateway Domain, primarily the Starfall Cluster in the Glimmerdrift Reaches. The area is ripe with opportunities for the sort of employment I prefer.
you better be careful out there!!!...thars a scallywag, rascalizing,no good layabout looking fer easy credits,I hear, out thar....names LIAM..with a Pard name o' GEORGE...nuttin but a bit o trouble!!!
May you find all that you seek therein, Mr Johnson! Welcome to the neighborhood!

(S'all right TJ, with the K'Kree Franchise boom, I'm leaving the marches to george, and you to Reavers deep.)

heretically yours!