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Chameleon add-on

Originally posted by AaronKohura:
Is the chameleon add-on an always-on effect, or can it be turned on and off as required?
As i understand you can turn it on or of, but most people (insert sapients) would just lock it to a setting like marine uniform or civilian clothing (what better camo could you get in a crowd).
Sorry i'm assumming you dont mean powered combat armour if you do why would you want to turn it of, but the above still would apply except civilian dress is probably not an opption.
But after reading ( "Friends in high places" ) they definatly need it, They arnt mad they went through mad at light speed and out the other side (I like Dittzy).
This probably hasnt helped at all but the Baron will have an oppinion not to mention Falkayn.
Indeed Sir they no doubt will unless my own post says it well enough for them. Naturally all this is strictly my version of the truth (aka MTU), feel free to use and change any or all of it.

Depending on the application, as the examples above point out, will dictate just what kind of camo options are available.

The standard civilian version is a single preset pattern or off. The pattern can be changed by swapping a new pattern coded chip in the systems slot. Chips are available in a wide variety of various natural backgrounds and are most commonly used by sports hunters and nature enthusiasts. Another common use of such clothing on bright worlds is to have a designer chip and a reflective base. While outdoors the suit is turned off to lower radiation absorption and once indoors the desired fashion is turned on.

A special military version of the chip reads local background using linked sensors and actively adapts. This is the true chameleon version and is only available as a military item to serving personnel and licensed mercenary units.

In addition to clothing many vehicles use similar technology. One common variation is the use of a computer program linked to the chip to use the chameleon surface to display commercial logos and other information.

That is it in a nutshell, hope it helps.
Heh. One of my players got chameleon body armour, which he wore while tailing another party member who was trying to find some underworld contacts. He followed into her into a nightclub.

"Your armour is overheating... the chameleon unit can't cope with the rapidly changing flashing lights."

"I switch it off."

"It fades to black..."
Originally posted by Anton:
"I switch it off."

"It fades to black..."
Works ok if it's a Goth club