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Chaine Redux (full reworking)




ATMOSPHERE 9 dense, tainted
HYDRO 8 shallow seas
POPULATION 5 (approx. six hundred thousand humans, several thousand Aslan)
GOVERNMENT 3 self-perpetuating oligarchy (The Executive Board)
TECH 6 (small manufacturing base, ag products and bio-plastics)
Dangerous bacteria infest Chaine’s soupy atmosphere. Anyone going outdoors without an antimicrobial breathing mask risks contracting a case of ‘the pinks’, a potentially life-threatening pulmonary disease.

The simple filter masks issued to Associates (slaves in all but name) malfunction after 48 hours in atmosphere. Transponders in these masks make finding a missing worker an easy job, even in the most tangled bumbershoot woods and the tallest glasscane fields. Field Managers (overseers and slave-catchers) wear much better masks with revolving filter cartridges. Executives (the masters/owners) on excursions outdoors wear high-tech nasal filters with transparent, featherweight plastic ‘veils’ that fit snugly over the lower face. Antibiotics can cure the pinks; the Executives control the drug supply. Few runaways survive long.

Once, the Associates working outdoors did only light, technical jobs, while robots did all heavy work. Now, with robots scarce after economic decline, the Associates labor in the fields under the watchful eyes of Field Managers armed with cutlasses and shotguns.

Gelled glasscane juice makes an excellent industrial lubricant. Processed hulls make light, strong plastics. Fermented juice inebriates a man in two gulps; it might also blind him or leave him palsied. Many Associates sip ‘glassahol’ anyway.
The Aslan of Chaine live a primitive existence in the bumbershoot jungles. They suffer from the pinks but differently than humans do; the disease causes them to drool and it interferes with their mental development, making them savage and bestial.
Humans sometimes launch ‘lion hunts’ into the jungle to catch or slay Aslan.

Terraforming on Chaine began during the Rule of Man, initiated as part of a long-term rimward colonization scheme and abandoned in the collapse of the Ramshackle Imperium. The microbes seeded in the planet’s toxic atmosphere continued their silent work all through the Long Night; when Solomani explorers rediscovered the world during the 7th century of the Third Imperium, they found a ‘paradise.’ This survey failed to discover the Aslan, survivors of a botched ihaetai. The bacteria that causes the pinks hadn't yet mutated into a deadly strain.

Cheyne Agricultural secured the contract to develop the new world. Portia haut-Cheyne, company chairwoman, intended the colony as a multicultural agrarian democracy- a society not in line with the dominant ideology of her home world, where supporters of the Solomani Movement had recently taken power.
Portia’s initial vision didn’t work out…


I selected the UWP rather than random roll it.
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