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cargo container modules Q&A


Absent Friend
Got a question or two about the cargo modules on 351-352.

On the habitat module, is it also collapsable? IE, if you had a 2dt habitat module, and stored it in the cargo hold, would it only take up .5dt space?

Would there be any logic to having a 'security container' habitat module?

Do controled environment and habitat modules already have the 20% cost of temperature-humidity control paid for?

I know in GT Far Trader they discuss using containers filled with dirt-sand-other material etc for use as walls-bunkers. Anyone have any thoughts on how that would work for T20?

I would absolutly love to see what a 2dt 2person habitat module might look like.
Thrash writes:
Note that two people in a 2 dton hab unit is very crowded, especially when you subtract fresher and life support.
Yeah, thats what I was thinking. Stand up too quickly and your head probably bumbs into a oxygen tank.

Now I'm looking at the power requirments...

Habitat Containers require an 8 ep power source for 24 hours to recharge.
Huh? If I read all this right, the T20 Type S uses 4ep. How come it takes 8ep to recharge a 2dt hab module when 4ep runs a 100dt scout ship? Did I miss something here?
The 24hours and 8EP handles the habitat container for 2 weeks perhaps?

(need to study the rules more but thats the first thing that came to mind as to why).