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Can Vargr be Psionic?


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Can Vargr be Psionic?

It doesn't mention it one way or the other in GT: Alien Races 1. I don't have the LBB Vargr module or the MT: Vilani and Vargr book to hand right now.

Whilst we're on the subject, Which races can be Psionic (aside from Zhodanis) and which absolutely can't?

I was "up" on my Traveller rulebooks through Knightfall and some of the TNE books, and I do not recall any restrictions on - or even mention of - psionic potential in the other races.

Consequently, in my opinion, the other races have the same potential for psionic ability as humaniti does.
The Hivers prior to the TNE setting could not be psionic at all.

Then during the run up to the TNE proper a Hiver developed a form of psionics...
I have a side-question on psionics - how does one calculate how many psi strength points a character has (not psi strength rating, which I account as an attribute)?
AM Vargr says normal psi.

Psi Points (when full and not drug-boosted) equal PSR.
Can Vargr be Psionic?
Let's see, dogs can sense storms and eathquakes coming (precog?), bark at bad people (Telepathy/Sense Motive?), and sniff out drugs (seeker sense!). I'd say yes, but Aramis beat me to it.
There is a subrace of the Vargr that are more consistently psionic, according to V&V, but the majority of Vargr have the same psionic potential as humans.

Most human sub-species have roughly the same psionic potential. The Zhodani are far better at recognizing it early, and might even have a higher incidence, but that's speculation.

Aslan and Vargr have roughly the same potential as humans, while the Hivers have almost (apparently) none, and the K'kree either under-recognize the potential or have less, IIRC. ALL Droyne and Chirpers are active psis, though most chirpers are unconscious talents only.

Most of the well-known alien races average out about the same as humans. There are exceptions, but it'd take some hunting to codify them.
Being Psionic and understanding psionics is probably like the fine line between sentience and non sentience in borderline cases. As we have discussed there is always the possibility of animals being psionic without being sentient. So, I don't think psionics is wired into the genetic structure but rather comes about through tapping those unexplored recesses of the brain...possibly induced by some sort of event in the environment. Therefore, there is no concievable reason why any race would not be psionic, save, for cultural prejudices.

According to AM:Z, the only differences between Zhodani and normal humaniti is in the training and testing. Zhodani have universal testing at age 3. Anyone with a PSR 9+ is fostered to the Soc 10 crowd. All Soc 10+ are trained. Zhodani can raise PSR in Char Gen, just like any other attribute, but only for trained psionicists...

So, you will never encounter a PSR 9+ Zhodani Prole. Which tells us that intendants are about 1/3 of the population. (Realistic play should be determine soc before CG, and apply a DM-2 to PSR for Soc 9-, no mod for Soc 10, DM+1 for Soc B+...)
Keeping in mind too that, in T20 at least, ANYONE tested during childhood has a minimum PSI of 3, so everybody can learn at least a tiny bit of psionics. Regardless of race.

Also, as for Vargr, there's a lot of non-traveller sci fi that involves telepathic or psychic wolves. Maybe vargr were made of wolves not only for their behavioral traits, but also due to a natural leaning toward psionic ability...
Arch: Don't assume T20 rules materials, especially psionics, are reflective.

It just so happens that anyone tested prior to age 21 in mainstream traveller editions has a minimum PSR of 2. In CT/MT, this is practically useless. In TNE, it's useful but very limiting. In T4, it['s quite useful if trained, but very limited in range and power.
Sorry, wasn't assuming they were using T20, but it is the only ruleset I know. Just pointing out that if T20 has a minimum score, I figured the other sets did as well. And in T20, 3 is a pretty miserable PSI score, but would allow some very light empathic and similiar abilities, which is still more than the average joe on the street would have without training.
T20 Psi doesn't map all that well. FYI, in CT/MT/TNE/T4 Psi maxes at 0 for untrained after 12 terms (Age 66), not the Age 90 of T20.

Of course, a PSR 1 character under any systems in print other than T4 and TNE is all but worthless. (A Psi 1 with loads of skill in TNE is quite capable. A Psi 1 in T4 is useful but has very limited ability to do anything at range or against resisting targets...)

I'm still quite displeased with that chapter. It is a far sight better than what we had early on in the playtest... it's more d20 than Traveller.
IIRC the Vargr alien module states that psionics and potential for such vary greatly throughout the Vargr Extents. Vargr themselves can be psionic, as per Aramis' citation, but finding a region, subsector, system, planet or even a city or neighborhood becomes problematic depending on your GM's preferences.

I think the Vargr module also states that some Vargr societies have a great investment in psionics, where others just completely ignore it.
Canine sniffing of crotches is most possibly a unique psionic ability for them. I'm not exactly sure what kind of psionic information they can gather by sniffing crotches, but it could certainly be the equivalent of Clairvoyance (psionic 'vision'), or Clairaudience (psionic 'hearing').