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Bwap Characters (Any Rules?)


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I'm fairly certain our Empty Quarter sage has written rivers on my favorite newtsies but I can't recall if I have ever seen actual mechanics outside a GURPS book...
and interestingly the RPGSuite has Bwap generation as a paid option. I've generated a few just to see how it worked.
Here's a draft T5 character creation card for Bwaps. With it, you can create Bwap player characters and run them through a career.

If you adjust the characteristics, the card can be used in other rule systems. I think that's the only T5-ism that would need conversion.

If I've gotten something wrong, let me know.


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Mongoose Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 3 has a whole section devoted to the Bwaps, Bwap gear, Bwap vehicles, Bwap ships.