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Buy Your Own Mecha From Japan: No, Really!

That looks more to me like a really big and really $$ cosplay outfit...though I admit I prefer to look at Gundam cosplay that's a bit more kawaii. ^_^

But dang that'd be fun to get somebody to take it to a con! Esp. if the National Guard is there again with their 1:1 scale vehicle "miniatures". :cool: Add in the Star Wars military cosplayers...
Now if I could paint that yellow and add powerloader arms to it... :D
I've heard about something like this being in Revenge of the Sith...
Yep. BIG cosplay outfit.
Not *that* expensive though considering...

Somehow the dog barking in the background for the "shooting" video fits. Very Patlabor. Now all we need is the pilot to have an Ota fit and the walker to keel over!
It Looks nice but it seems to be only good on parking lots or flat compacted ground as the feet dont lift off ground and it spins in place so no off road fights .Darn

Man! Millionaires have all the fun. I can see TV execs rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of the next generation of Robot Wars meets Gladiators!

It's still got a while before it can peg it at 85mph up the M5 but that day will come, oh yes!



PS - loved the 'Space Invader' on the target =)