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Beretta RX4


How's this for a weird looking rifle? Something to add to you photo collection if you want to show your PCs a rifle that looks different.

Looks like it started life as a shotgun, was rechambered for a rifle round, and then went to military school, but failed.

Not that it doesn't look kinda nice but it's a real dogs breakfast of styles isn't it.
Its origins are pretty clear, comparing it to the Benelli R1, just add some plastic furniture.

Well, it's not what we're used to and IMHO it looks butt-ugly. But it's also different looking, a nice plus for a trav weapon.
Well designed is well designed.

If a feature has reason behind it it will eventually look OK. The P90 looks ugly until you realise what it is designed for (capacity and compactness - at the expense of ergonomics and barrel length).

Oddities that look a bit odd to me, and may indicate what the weapon is optimised for.

The stock
Collapsing/folding stocks make a lot of sense for storage. Solid stocks make sense from a ruggedness point of view. This stock appears to be slightly collapsible and probably removeable (the wheel lock mechanism just behind and above the trigger I assume it to detach the grip and/or stock). There is a button on the stock which I assume is to allow the stock to be recalibrated by sliding up to rest on the back of the weapon, or out to accomodate those of larger stature. Depending on the kick of the weapon this could be a problem, as a 5.56 I wouldn't worry, this type of stock on a .50 or shotgun I wouldn't implicitly trust depending on the lock mechanism.
Another possibility is putting a spring mechanism into the stock. This would be an intriguing option of questionable worth, more appropriate for an enormous kick weapon (PGMP's for example).

Enormous iron sights looking vaguely like the dorsal fin on a shark seem a little over the top. Like a return to a 1950's car fins. I can see why (to lift the sights over the mounting rail) but something more subtle should have been acheivable. The sight mounting rail looks fairly standard, though it looks like a low height scope might be partially occluded by the rear iron sight. That might be just my perception though.

The bolt.
Something looks wrong there. I can't quite put my finger on it though. Lots of open grooves that I am unsure of why they are there.

Chunky enough to mount a small grenade launcher in. Also chunky enough to keep the barrel down as well potentially. The attachment points for a bipod are also a nice touch (I assume that is what the open grooves at the very front are for, they might just be venting).

To me it looks like an attempt to muscle in to the military carbine market, an area already overly full.

Just my 0.02 creds
Veltyen, I wonder if the funky bolt groove (up, back, down, back some more) is because the full forward position has some relationship to "unloaded". To charge, you pull the handle up and back. Once its ALL the way back, you let go - the bolt only goes as far forward as the first notch and cycles back and forth from that position. (Give me a break, I'm guessing here....)
The comment about open grooves had more to do with foreign material contamination. This could be just an artifact of the photo though.
Looks like the buttstock came from the Benelli M1014 shotgun.

Swoopy looking. The Benelli R-1 looks like a arche-type for the Book 1 "Rifle", and fires 30-06 class cartridges.

I think the RX4 is supposed to replace the Beretta 70/90 in the Italian Army, so it counts as an assault rifle. I have read some accounts that say the action is borrowed from the German G36, but I think they are guessing.
Could well be. Benelli is more technically innovative, Beretta has the government contacts and manufacturing capacity. It certainly has the Benelli butt-stock.

Apparently in 5.56, but I have never seen it with a magazine.

This is the CX-4, a simple blowback carbine in pistol calibers for police use. Mechanically not related, but similar in superficial style.
Oof! Now that I am looking for it there is a lot of buzz. Better informed opinion agrees with Corejob on Benelli heritage. And dislikes this particular collapsing stock.
In this picture, it doesn't look like the bolt goes up/back/down/back - it just looks like a really large breech. Lighting is everything, huh.
It does looks a lot better with the stock fully collapsed and a clip in place.

No mounting rail on this one, and a more traditional straight pull cocking mechanism. Amazing what an alternative perspective will do. The angle also minimises the chunky foreend.