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SOC-14 1K
I was just wondering if anyone has ported over the NSL data to an Astrosynthesis-friendly csv.

Thanks in advance.

2320 writer guy
Hah. Did it. Got a csv file of the nsl. A bit of a pain, really.

Does some neat stuff, though. I can already think of a few features I'd like to see.

2320AD writer
Colin - would you happen to have that CSV file available somehow? Just picked up Astrosynthesis today, and would like to take a "spin" around the neighborhood. I have the NSL text file, but I think there would be a lot of work needed to turn it into a properly-formatted CSV.

I keep toying with the idea of finding a group in my area (Connecticut), but there don't seem to be many Traveller players around, let alone 2300 - hoping that the 2320 release will spur more interest in one of the best SF backgrounds ever created.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Have you thought about using Celestia to visualise the 2320AD universe? It does already have most of the nearby stars in the right spot in there already, and more can be added...

You can get the latest version of the program here.

I think it's vastly superior as a viewer than any of the other programs out there. And it's free too.
Ah. The server's gone down, it seems. The Celestia forum software died last week, and in a typical display of timing the site owner is away on holiday til next week :( .

I'll let you know when it comes back up. It's definitely worth checking out though.
Astrosynthesis can also be used with fractal terrains now, which is very cool.

I'll look at posting the Astrosysnthesis .csv off my site sometime soon.

I've mucked about a bit with Celestia. Never got into it enough to know if it would give me waht I want, which is to make B$W "flat" maps of a 3D universe.