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Aslan ship deckplans?


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Does anyone have links to Aslan starship deckplans? Either based on official GDW/FASA plans, or player-made hypothetical plans. I have to be careful with wording here, and am asking for player-renditions of known Aslan plans or ship designs, since I cannot legally ask for official deckplans, can I? ;)

In particular, I was intested in the deckplans for "small ships" as described in CT Alien Module 1 Aslan. These are adventurer ships in the 100ton to 400ton category, the kinds of ships that Aslan characters muster out with in Classic Traveller.

I have no interest in deckplans for some 5,000ton Aslan battlecruiser, tho I'm sure those exist.... from what I've seen of FASA's ships. :D

Any such links (or sources) much appreciated!
Originally posted by Maladominus:
Does anyone have links to Aslan starship deckplans?

Any such links (or sources) much appreciated!
There's some in the GT Alien book for the Aslan.

And the DGP Solomani and Aslan book.

FASA had the 200 dton "Stayaow" class Combat Scout in their Adventure Ships Vol. 2 supplement. It's a fast (5-G, J-2) little ship built under HG2 rules.
Which is of course 3ktons...and too large, eh?

There was the 200dton deckplans in Aslan & Solomani of their idea of a 'A2-class Far trader'. Can't say as anyone has reproduced or varied it to my knowledge of web-fu.
Well, I just missed getting the FASA Aslan ship designs, so I can't help. (Thunderstorm kept knocking out my dial-up while I was trying to bid. :mad: )