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Anyone play BFG?


Does anyone play Games Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic? I'm thinking of getting into it and I want to do a very Traveller-esque fleet.

Anyone play?
I've looked at it, but not played it. I don't think it is terribly Traveller-esque, it is a game of broadsides and fighters. Torpedos and mines.

While they have made an effort regarding the conservation of momentum, unlike a lot of games, I don't think it flows right for Traveller.

However taken on it's own it is suppossed to be very good and I did consider it at one point (I even bought a load of models).

Unfortunately I think it is effectively dead now. I don't believe Games Workshop supports it anymore and they are continuously selling off the bits cheap. It's been a while since I've seen the main game or the minatures in one of their stores.
Well, GW just re-released BFG and they plan to expand their line of models to include several of their non-human races.
Okay then, fair enough. I didn't realise they'd re-released it. But you have to admit they have a habit of starting a fad then winding it down.
GRRReat. so...

What this means is that they ADMIT they've stopped supporting it once before.

now...they tell us they are supporting it again. For how long?

Credibility Rating for GW: 0