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Anyone have an online galaxy map?


Does anyone know where there's an online map of the Traveller sectors?

I used to have a Traveller site with a complete map, but I long since took it down, archived it and put it on a CD (which a friend has!).

I'd like to see the map to place things like Ley Sector and to jog my memory where everything is.

I've located the sector data for Ley sector that is not based in the old Judges' Guild data, but rather the original files created by GDW. You can find the sector data at:


The world locations seem correct, but in the CotI version, the names (which few that exist) have been changed, and the UWPs have been rolled back to simulate the earlier time period.

I hope this helps,
Hrmm, I just noticed this... The link I posted, That particular atlas has a different layout of the "Beyond" sector than any of the others. It is a layout I am not familar with. For example, there is no Is'sred'ni Heptad, as in many other maps of that sector.
Just thought I'd post that for those that may find it important.
Having the maps to look at online ar nice but does anyone know of a database somewhere that has not only all main planet in the system but all the other obiting bodies as well? I would love to have a complete system by system database to use for play. Not all adventures take place on the main planet.
Not that I've ever been able to find. The CT world generation system only generated the main world, and no one has spent the time to detail out more than a few systems.

I know you can get Heaven & Earth to generate all the details automatically, but no one I know has posted any such results.
I must admit that I don;t see much utility in this.

If I (as a ref) need for a particular main to have a minor, then voila.

In a shared universe, it would be different, but that is the only reason I can see why you might want that.

But then I don;t see the need for Sector mapping either, So maybe I'm the Heretic here.
Thanks. I have Heaven and Earth and it works very well. I am more interested in a database with the information. There is an exce;;ent site at http://foreven.com/astro/spinward/index.htm which has all the information but in table form. If any knows who runs this site or if the information is available somewhere else, please let me know. Thanks.
One problem with the BeRKA site is that the Ley Sector map and info is not the canon sector map and info used on this website or that the Gateway Domain supplement will use.
Originally posted by sevarian:
My own site has a new map, :D


Click on the Ad Astr Map link, this displays Imperial space, click on the FULL MAP link on the right to see all the sectors I have info on so far.
Verrrrry nice! :D I especially like the sector views, where you can get an idea of stellar distributions.

Any chance of getting Amdukan/Gateway on these maps?