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Antares system specifics / starport ships

I have been surfing the different web sites, looking for more detailed info on the Antares system. So far, two sites have helped get the following info:

Antares 2421 A762ADA-D A Hi Cx 821 Im

Travel Zone: Green
Gas Giants: 0
Planetoid Belts: 0
Primary Star: M0 ll (red bright giant)
AN2122 has a diameter of approximately 3200km (2000mi). The atmosphere is very thin. The surface hydrographic coverage is approximately 40%. The population is approximately 90 000 sophonts. The land surface population density is notionally less than 0.00 sophonts per square kilometre.The world is governed/ owned by a company or corporation. Government and law enforcement is anarchic. There are generally no prohibitions on weaponry. Technologically the world is average Imperial. The starport is of excellent quality.


I am looking for more details, such as other worlds in the system, size of starport/base, squadron strength, and anything else that might be useful. Is there a source for such things, or is it the "fill in the blanks" approach? I am really interested in a table for how many ships of what type are arriving, leaving, and currently in a starport at any time, including what kind are they (merchant, scouts, navy, etc.) Thanks.
Originally posted by Charles Godfrey:
I have been surfing the different web sites, looking for more detailed info on the Antares system.


Antares 2421


You seem to be mixing up two systems, Antares (2421) and Ukuu (2122). The description you posted is for the latter.

Antares itself has a population of 80+ billion people, is tech level 13 with an A-class starport, and is subsector, sector and domain capital. It's arguably one of the dozen or so most important worlds in the Imperium.

So basically you can give it as much system traffic as you want. The system defense fleet is probably huge, given that Archduke Brzk lives here.