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America 2300


I know some folks on the 'net had come up with their own history of the United States as having moved very much away from the federalized role of the states and toward states as being mere administrative districts.

The way I saw America, however, in 2300 was actually quite the reverse. While the Federal Government continued its lead in the Armed Services and space exploration, states had reasserted their political role in the early years of reconstruction and the Federal Government only became anywhere close to its 20th century self in the years surrounding the Second Mexican War (under the leadership of President Maria Sanchez).

I actually worked out the Constitution, as it stood in 2300, and carried it through the 53rd Amendment (the "Sophont Citizenship Amendment") ratified on July 4, 2276.

"Sec 1. Citizenship shall not be abridged on account of species.

Sec 2. Congress shall have the authority to pass such legislation as to enact the purposes of this amendment."