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Alternate T20 Type S deckplan



I have a love affair for the T20 style Type S, but I never liked any of the deckplans I found for it. They were either assymetrical (which isn't a bad thing, but just didn't feel right for the ship) or they had three (!) decks - which doesn't fit the external images I've seen of it.

The resolution Photobucket autosized it to doesn't do it justice, in my opinion.
Old Wedgie looks too angular, in my opinion. Too sharp around the edges. Plus, it has those weird 'upper/lower galleries' that are supposed to be where the cargo is kept, but are each hard to access. I like the idea of loading and unloading the cargo via simply walking up a ramp. (like in Star Wars)

I really like the T20 Scout/Courier. Bryan did an amazing job. I just wasn't satisfied with the deckplans I had of it.

One of the things that you notice with mine is that cargo bay looks large, but this is deceptive. Remember you have to account for the ramp as well as the air/raft, as well as walking space. The computer is a model/2, which by itself is around 1 dton. It's placed in the common area. (the two sensor/communication globes take up about 1/2 a dton each, so altogether that's 2 dtons)

I also gave the fuel tanks more of a presence. That's not all the fuel, some of it is below and above the main deck. (the turret also isn't depicted)

I like how the staterooms look cramped, but everything still fits in there. Each have a bed, a fresher unit, and a table and chair. There's also a cabinet above the table, and each bed has a footlocker that is stored under the bed when 'closed'.

I also made the reactors larger than usual. That's because this particular design has a mixed triple turret that has two pulse lasers and a sandcaster. Sandcaster ammunition is in the turret space. Obviously in the absence of the pulse lasers the reactor doesn't have to be so large. Maneuvering around in the engine room is a job for Mr Elastic, I think. It's a good thing that engineering functions are remote controlled at the bridge. (most of the time the reactor and the jump drive will be in 'one piece', but I almost always break them in two - at least the jump drives, because I like to 'connect' them to the maneuver drives. Because of that goddamn aft airlock I HAD to break the reactor up into two pieces)
The Fusion Powerplant doesn't have to be much bigger. Just replace it with a TL-13 one. Besides the Type-S is one of the few "Standard" ships with excess power.
I did replace it with a TL-13 one.

I included the PP fuel when I was calculating how many dtons the reactor would take up. To get the power requirements for two pulse lasers up and to make sure no negative modifers go towards agility or AC, I ended up having 4 dtons worth of reactor. That's at TL13. Assuming 4 weeks endurance, I included the PP fuel, so each reactor module also has an internal fuel tank.

Why did I do this? Because I keep the PP fuel distinct from the Jump fuel, which I treat as liquid hydrogen. The PP fuel I treat as helium-3.

This may not be conventional for a Traveller deckplan, but I like to keep separate systems...well, separate.