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AFH-5C Vaiirkaan


Designed by the Imperial Navy’s respected Kanushiaa Aaruun Design Bureau the Vaiirkaan (Lightning) is the Navy’s premier front line fighter, it’s airframe-wedge profile a familiar sight near any Naval installation.
Nominally a 50-ton craft the Vaiirkaan actually displaces 49.4-tons and although large by the standards of previous fighter generations it is only by the use of the Empire’s most advanced technology that it is possible to put such a punch in as small a package. As a fighter it is extremely fast and agile and is one of the few small craft that retains it’s full performance capabilities throughout its entire operational envelope. While traditionally fighters have been primarily space dominance vehicles with a secondary atmospheric function the Baairkaan is truly a multi-role craft with outstanding atmospheric capability in addition to its deep space patrol and intercept roles.
The described version is the “B” derivative and is the most common. The AFH-5A was the pre-production run model and differs from the “B” only in detail. Combat capabilites are identical but since only 1,500 were made it is a fairly rare beast. A third version virtually exclusive to the Core Worlds is the AFH-5C. As fighters were shipped off to reinforce the Spinward Fleets during recent Zhodani incursions General Products found that increased demand had caused a shortage of the advanced avionics package. As an interim measure, they installed a downgraded package. Other than slightly reduced atmospheric performance capabilites are identical. Several planetary governments whose navies conduct no atmospheric operations have expressed an interest in this version and despite initial reluctance the navy has released licences for limited production runs.
General Products, LSP and GSbaG are the main contractors for the Vaiirkaan although a lot of the work is subcontracted to smaller corporations and subsiduaries. Of course, due to Imperial Standards all parts from all manufacturers are interchangeable.
What is the External displacement? (ie will they fit in carriers designed for 50 ton craft?)

Do you have a stat block for them?
Oh yeh! The stats.

Class: Heavy Fighter
Tech Level: 15
Size: Small (49.4 tons)
Streamlining: Airframe
Acceleration: 6-G
Fuel: 6.464 tons
Duration: 4 weeks
Crew: 2
Small Cabins: 1
Atmospheric Speed: 4,425kph Cruise
EP Output: 12.928 (2.964 Excess)
Agility: 6
Initiative: +6 (+6 Agility in Space

AC: 33 (+6 Agility +15 Armour +1 Size)
AR: 15
SI: 85
Main Computer: Model/5
Acionics:/ Model/2
Sensor Range: Very Long (Model/5)
Comm Range: Very Long (Model/5)
Armament: Twin Fusion Turret (2 x USP4)

Aside - It might not be politic to say that this is the navies front line fighter. Calling it Corporation Eckse's version or a candidate version etc means that you don't step on anyone's toes.
Doh! Got cut off before I got the price up.

Other Equipment: Fuel Scoops
Cost: AFH-5B MCr 72.01178
AFH-5C MCr 67.51178

I figure freshers are only need if no cabins are fitted.
Also Atmospheric Agility for the AFH-5B is 8 and the AFH-5C is 7.
I also assume that (as per CT and HG) that the displacement of the craft includes external turrets.
So this is a 49.4 ton craft which fits Imperial specifications directive ISD-1000-2764-D3 Small Craft/50-ton/Onboard(Launch Capable).
ie It's 49.4 tons all up.

John Robertson
I strongly agree that cabins include freshers (an orbital shuttle with rack seating might have one fresher per 30 seats).

I like fighters with a cabin - allows the two week deployment that gives carries a decent utility.

Did the thing really need to be that big?

How does it stack against 20 ton fighters?

What is it's armour rating?
Err. Yeah it has to be this big. Bear in mind that it has airframe streamlining, agility 6, armour rating 15 and two fusion guns.

I like the armour class. As far as I can tell it there is no ship in the Imperial Navy with a higher armour class (Armour Class 32). Of course the Darrian Taraak Class fighter from pre-star trigger times could out fly it but there are only a handful of these magnificent craft left.

John Robertson
As an excercise to push the AC as high as it will go (is there any way to improve the SC without getting TL 16?) it is a worthwhile thing.

Can you see anyone using them other than as squadron leader craft to add a little leaven to 50ton fighter squadrons? The Tech level means that it could never be a front line fighter - too few places can build them and those have a choice between TL15 battleships and these fighters.

Personally my TU is much more fighter based than OTU so I might use them (low TL worlds building carriers, high TL world making good fighters), but I also tend to be a lot lower TL (12 is a high tech world) so I would be looking at something a lot less extreme.

In another vein, have you tried whether these fighters can close with an SDB effectively (ie with the TL/price difference, I would hope that 5 of these fighters could take out 2 SDBs) - try and push them arround, The long run in under missile/laser fire may get worrysome -(particularly is using nukes) Assume gunner/pilot bonus of 10)

Fighter vs SDB is a reasonably fair fight - SDBs are just fighters writ large. If fighters can drag them down in a fair fight, then there is no need for SDBs (just field the equivalent fighters eight). If the SDBs are just a bit better, then the advantage of being able to carrier fighters and their short build time means they are still useful. If SDBs are a lot better, then fighters start to lose utility.

Quick check, is half of your cost, the computer?
On the whole - don;t get me wrong, I like them.

I don;t know if I will use them, but they are big, over muscled and ballsy as hell.

Now all they need is a cute visual - Look at Scarecrows Scout ship. But with much bigger engines.
Originally posted by The Mink:
Quick question - Given the Cost, the Computer isn;t hardened - Why did you cut corners there?
Rememebr, hardening also doubles the size of the computer. You'll be over 50 tons if you do so. And in space any rad hit that would take out the computer is also going to fry the crew. (Realistically; not sure how the rules deal with it.)
Cool FTR entry, Libris!
I'll let braver gearheads than I dissect it. I cna see this as a good runner up to the classic 50dtn Magnum-class Hvy Ftr illustrated in COACC-MT (illus by Bryan Gibson/ Ancient).
Given the vast diversity of the Imperium, It might no have made Imperial Navy final cut...but could have had its contract filled as an Auxillary FTR for TL-15 worlds with budget concerns over the Magnum's cost/ maintenance heavy side of things)--or be sold in quantity to TL-13/14 worlds as a FTR upgrade pkg deal to Client states!--some suggestions only for TU everywhere...