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Abstracts/Back covers


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MJD/Some lucky soul:

As I was not one of the lucky few to get the proofs could you at least post abstracts/back covers synopisis for the books of the trilogy.
For three generations the starship Gray Ghost has lain derelict, forgotten
as the mighty Third Imperium tore itself apart in civil war.
In those long decades the ship has witnessed Humaniti's fall into barbarism
as the worlds of Diaspora Sector lost their fight against the darkness.

Then a band of desperate inividuals, fleeing a brutal planetary invasion,
launch a salvage operation. The Gray Ghost is their only chance of escape,
but it becomes more than that. For if destruction can be carried between the
stars, then so can hope.

Hope that the few remaining civilized worlds can unite. Hope that the
darkness can be rolled back.
Hope that it is not too late for Humaniti to regain the stars.

Five people set out aboard Gray Ghost, to forge an alliance against the
darkness. But theirs is a greater destiny, one that will in time decide the
fate of all Humaniti. For among the ashes of Disapora Sector, a Phoenix
waits to be born.
Phoenix at Bay (Abstract)

As the Lerun Federation crumbles under the onslaught of Guild-backed Imperial Raymore, the fledgling United Worlds Alliance continues to expand. But once Raymore's attention is no longer diverted by the Federation, the UWA will surely fall.

Phoenix At Bay deals with the darkest days of the UWA, from a rescue mission on Darryl and the diplomatic effots at Lerun, to the final, last-ditch defence of Phoenix against the massed forces of Raymore and the Guild.
Phoenix Rising

Several years after the Battle of Phoenix, the UWA has become a powerful "Pocket Empire" in Diaspora Sector. Contact with the Reformation Coalition brings new possibilities but also new challenges as the Coalition attempts to assimilate the UWA.

Attempts to find an acepable solution are deadlocked and sliding towards open conflict when the balance of power is tipped by the arrival of new forces.

Long-range messengers from the Regency and elsewhere arrive at Phoenix, seeking allies and trading partners.

Phoenix receives emissaries from the emerging powers; the Reformation Coalition, the Regency and the Second Rule of Man. Rumors speak of a Reconsttuted Ziru Sirka away to Coreward too.

Phoenix is caught in the middle of powerplays on all sides; The question seems to be simpy: whose puppet will the UWA become?

But there is another power at work in Diaspora Sector, a subtle one which may yet hold the key to the fate of the sector, the UWA, or even all humaniti
Phoenix in Black

Word comes to Phoenix; the Reconstituted Ziru Sirka has forced a treaty on the troubled Regency and hurled its fleets in a new direction.

As the Ziru Sirka plunges into the Black Curtain, tearing a path to the Imperial Core in a final repitition of the insanty of the Rebellion, other powers are drawn into the Curtain War.

For on the heels of the shattered Ziru Sirka fleets come the forces of the Black Imperium. The Curtain is open and Lucan's legacy is unleashed upon the defenceless worlds.

UWA personnel once again attempt to forge an alliance. This Grand Alliance seems a forlorn hope, but it is the only chance to preven the rise of an all-powerful Black Imperium.
Imperial Phoenix

The Grand Alliance is poised and ready, but it is a fragile thing, puny against the might of the Black Imperium.

All humaniti has answered the call as best they can; the Zhodani Concord, the Reformation Coalition, the True Solomani and the Second Rule of Man; Ships have even come from the collapsed Regency and the smoking ruins of Vland.

It is not enough.

The only hope of victory lies in a death-or-glory assault on the heartworlds of the Black Imperium, to shatter its fleets and break its power forever. But the Grand Alliance is a shaky thing, with no cohesive strucutre. If any faction flinches from the apalling losses they will surely take, then all the alliance fleets are lost, and with them any hope of victory.

Yet each faction has its agenda; its reason for driving on to Capital and tearing out the heart of the Black Imperium.

Within the Black Curtain are found answers to many of the questions of the New Era; aid unlooked-for; and a threat as great as the Black Imperium itself.

Victory seems impossible, but defeat is death. And in the fire and darkness of the Black Imperium, perhaps a phoenix may yet arise from the shattered Sunburst.
These 5 novels take the storyline to 1220 ish. The remaining 25 years will be told in a seperate series. Assuming these do okay.
WOW! These look great! Your publisher seems to waver on issuing them in print. I guess that I will have go for PDF and do it myself.

As for the sourcebook for M1248, somehow I was thinking that you would not tell the story of how were got there but just providing all the actors, already formed....that doesn't mean that I don't have a question. See thread, Ancients
There will be a backstory/history section in the M1248 book, but most of the content will be "Current"
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MJD:
These 5 novels take the storyline to 1220 ish. The remaining 25 years will be told in a seperate series. Assuming these do okay.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wow... I can not wait to read these. I was always a bigger fan of the slow slide of "Hard Times" rather than the OTU, but you've got me hooked.

So where can I sign up for the subscription service? Say a chapter a month like Dickens used to do?

Looking forward to them,

Publication of 2-5 really depends upon sales of #1 being good enough for me to take the time to write them up.

I hope to be able to do that....