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Abandoned scout

Abandoned scout

  • Run screaming like a little girl and hide in a cave for the rest of your life.

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If you encountered an abandoned ship (Suliman class scout, 100 ton, fully operational, ready to go) on a deserted back road, what would you do?
"Oh so that's where I left it
I really should have paid more attention when landing."

In fact your poll has induced a minor form of catatonia on me each time I look at the answers

That would probably be my most honest reaction. My mind would run through and discard all of these from your form:

Find a real good head shrinker/therapist to talk you back to reality.

But then if I'm sane enough to seek help...

Look for the missing crew.

But what if they are hostile, or just here on a specimen sampling trip and happen to be short one middle aged male human, or...

Concact the local newpaper and get your face published as the guy that found the starship.

But who's gonna believe me...

Contact the nearest military base and turn it over to them.

But what if they have a policy of detaining (indefinately and without contact) witnesses...

Find a place to hide the ship until you can take full advantage of it.

But where, and how, and...

Get your friends, learn how to operate the ship, explore the universe.

But most of my friends would think I was nuts, or joking, or something and they wouldn't show...

Jump in, start it up, and head out to explore the universe alone.

But, BUT WHAT?! Hell yes! This is the easiest choice. Sure some people will miss me, but hey the first thing to figure out is the comms and then I can just make a few calls, or better yet a global broadcast on all channels with the translator running through every language, "Hey Earth. Look what I found! Soon as I check things out I'll be back to share what I found with..."

Get in and use it to take over the world. (sorta)

"...everyone who agrees to join the new world government I'll be pushing for. Why don't you all get a head start on that Global Peace thing while I'm gone."

So that's my answer
Now I'll go vote for the only one that fits: "Do something else not mentioned above." Though in this post it is mentioned above :D
But most of my friends would think I was nuts, or joking, or something and they wouldn't show...

Ah, but all you have to do to convince them of your sanity is to show them the ship.

Actually I think I would try to figure out how to fly it, somewhat at first, and THEN get my friends. Just a few close friends, like my wife, maybe the kids (They are growed up and have lives of their own. While it may sound appealing, I think the last thing they would want is to be locked up with their parents exploring the universe. I could be wrong, but...)

Hmmm.. would using the weapons systems on one's future former employers be wrong?
But what are you going to do if when you get back to the ship with your friends and it is gone without a trace? :eek:
You get them to come with you for a surprise. Then you don't look like a total freak if it isn't there.

No need to go looking for the crew, it isn't like I and my friends are gonna figger it out any time soon. We just make sure they don't get the wrong idea if they come back. "Hey, we were just, curious and all."
Take the ship, go "correct" a few people, then tell my parents and some others that I'm leaving and go. If the crew is still alive, claim it as salvage, have them teach me how to use it, and then leave them here.

Don't ask what I mean by correct, since it should be obvious and I don't want to explain.
Um.. if the crew does not want to teach you how to run the ship that you have "salvaged", how are you gonna stop them? If they don't want to teach you, you can't stop them, nor do you really want to force them.

If the crew is alive and well, well, you got a problem as a joy rider. I doubt you can salvage a ship that is parked. I am not up on US, or maritime salvage law but I don't this would be doable.

Besides I would expect that the government's "immenent domain" might get used against any such claim in the first place anyway.
No you cannot salvage a parked or closed ship. That is piracy. I would assume the crew is out on recon...or taking a nature hike.
But if your dealing with Klatu your in trouble.

fI'm pretty sure my boys, my wife and the young ladies my two boys are so attached to would never forgive me if I didn't include them in my first stellar exploration flight so the answer was obvious at the beginning.
As for piracy.....Arrrgh , avast mately what's wrong with that?

By definition, anything abandoned has no owner; like a yatch found adrift with no living crew or passengers aboard. Under the maritime rights of salvage, anyone who finds an abandoned vessel can legally claim it. IMHO, the Imperium would have similar laws.

if its Solomani its anyone's on Earth of Earthish decent and beside why not use it to take over the universe. i mean theres got to be good things out there...
What if the scout ship is the "Broadside of a Barn"? Would it even be worth taking for a spin? Or would we just load it onto a flatbed truck and take it to the wrecker?
By definition, anything abandoned has no owner; like a yatch found adrift with no living crew or passengers aboard. Under the maritime rights of salvage, anyone who finds an abandoned vessel can legally claim it. IMHO, the Imperium would have similar laws.
Not completely true. If you find a vessel parked it is not abandoned. Or there would be a lota missing boats in the marinas. Also, I think you'll find most corporations and governments protect their properties even if their sitting on the bottom.

In the US you need to turn over such vessels to the coast guard and file a ton of salvage paperwork. Even ancient salvages require historians and state govts involved in the process. Interestingly when a yacht/boat sinks
the insurance companies and coast guard hold
the location and don't announce it. Insurance
companies claim the rights to salvage and sell
it to salvage companies...etc. Otherwise,
these vessels are looted. If you find a spanish
ship wreck don't loot it. Go through the proper paperwork channels or you'll loose everything
in court for destroying a historical site.

I think the Imperium is more like an ealier century where corps have a lot less grip. Also,
it would be easier to strip it. It would be
different in Reaver's Deep than it would be in

Sure...explore the universe, just conservatively. Learn: exterestial language(hope for simple pictographs), start-up process, flight data display function, hope it is a one-sophant ship. More than likely, I would collect souvenirs(weapons first small portable belt-sized items next) and watch out for any small craft(air/raft). I could almost believe I am part crow(the animal not the nation).
This is a test of the Emergency What will you do when Aliens arrive Test system.

The events you are about to see are real and unrehearsed by those taking part.

The governments of the world have place seemly real and abandon space ships in different locations around the world. Located in side of each ship are many small hidden cameras and microphones.

Welcome to Reality "What IF" TV, your 2 hour once aweek show that tempts the unsuppecting into doing the strangest things possible.

Sorry been dealing with too many different reality show licenses this month