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A race with a few points.

In my games I have a minor race called the Pynenil (pine-null) they are the result of experiments done by some ancient race long since gone, and appear to be evolved Porcupines, though differences can be clearly seen when they are undertaking any action that requires hands. Their spines are actually poisonous, making their discarded spines valuable on the black market. They make their living by trading their discarded spines and a wide range of goods to the adjacent systems in the pursuit of power through credits. To this end the pynenil have three different classes that have been recorded, they are the Black Guard, Red Guard and the Merchants. Black Guards are the Pynenil’s Answer to the Marine, soldiers trained to fight with weapon, claw, and spine to defend any Trade Party. The Red Guard are the Royal Guards of the Pynenil, attending the Nobles who move through the systems of other races trying to gain more trade and more systems for their people. Last but the most important are the Merchants, the ones lucky enough to go forth and bring glory to their families and systems, each Merchant is marked by his system and his Title of Nobility, allowing other Pynenil to see who they are competing against and what systems are present in any negotiation. Merchants are very powerful in the schemes of the Pynenil society; they make or break the social standings of any system they represent and the other Merchants from it, making them the most dangerous of all the Pynenil.
They are a tech 10 average race but are small in numbers amassing around eight systems total. The view of Pynenils on the other races is laughable; they see them as speed bumps in the cosmic sense, but still deal with anyone save the Aslani if the credits are to be gained. Of the major races the Aslani are the only race the pynenil fear; some would think this is from an ingrained fear of being descendants of prey. Either way an Aslani is not welcome within thirty feet of a Pynenil trade party, making things difficult when dealing with multi race worlds.
Pynenil Society is built upon ones status in the Merchant profession, the higher the skills the higher the titles and so on. One Blessing that has kept them from being pulled into the Imperium’s sphere is that the systems that Pynenil control are deemed extreme hostile environments, most being worlds who’s life forms are fatal to anything save the Pynenil, as the Pynenil are fatal themselves they feel safe in these environments and seek to actually acquire more if the chance is given.
Average height is five feet three inches, and there weight can be from 130 for females to 350 for males varying on the status and state of each. They live 120 years and can bare children up to 100 safely; they are immune to poisons and seem to delight in foolish humanoids trying anyway.
Merchants??? Merchants???.....My kinda critter....which brings up several PRICKLY questions....HHHaaaa HHHHeeee

on a more serious note, these guys could be a lotta fun to play, brings up many possiabilitys.